SummerEyes Digital Festival Initiates Fundraising Efforts For Black Lives Matter Causes

Photos provided by SummerEyes Digital Festival

SummerEyes Digital Festival was originally conceived as a fundraising event for unemployed workers and artists in the music industry who were affected by COVID-19. As the call to action has shifted from the COVID-19 response to include the Black Lives Matter movement, the festival has refocused on also supporting those on the frontline of protest, movements and change.

SummerEyes is focused on raising awareness and funds towards three main charities to assist in abolishing racial injustices: Black Lives Matter, Campaign Zero and Until Freedom. With the event occurring on July 2-3, donations will be continuously collected through the buildup and will be accepted during the digital event. Adjunct with the event’s official public announcement of the event’s conception, SummerEyes made an official statement on June 9 that shared the intention and goals of the event.

“2020 has been a polarizing year to say the least. While welcoming in a new decade, we’ve been met with global hardship via COVID-19, followed by national unrest in response to ongoing police brutality and racial injustice experienced by POC in America … We hope that with our vision and event we can amplify our voices to make a real impact for those affected and in need of support.” -Franz, Director of SummerEyes

SummerEyes unveiled its initial phase one lineup one day following. ill.Gates, TRUTH, and Shlump are the first headliners to be unveiled for SummerEyes, with more yet to be revealed. Aside from this, various branded takeovers will occur and feature Envisioned Arts (VCTRE FRQ NCY, Goopsteppa, Vinja, Toadface), Lost Dogz (Abelation, EAZYBAKED), Producer Dojo (ill.Gates, UHNK, Aplsoz) and the Spicybois (Cnopes, Bagsss, MeSo).

While much of the lineup is still TBA, A Hundred Drums will be kicking things off on day 1. While Gabrielle was supposed to be opening at Bassnectar’s cancelled Freestyles Sessions, she will now be joined by fellow female acts Jen Ese, T3MPR, ZiA, and Boiish. Other artists currently announced include Abelation, VCTRE, PlayTime, Dubyes, and Bagsss, with Vinja making his first online appearance and Tripp St. making his career debut.

SummerEyes will be hosted on’s Twitch channel and presented by MP3DU Magazine and Unitea Music App. Similar to its partnership with Room Service in April that we covered, Unitea will allow users to earn social currency, called “karma,” to redeem perks such as free merchandise, tickets, or experiential rewards with artists.

Download the Unitea Music App HERE.

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