OnNow.tv Emerges As Ultimate Live Stream Hub

Photos provided by Matthew Adell

With the rise of live streaming, it is immensely difficult to keep up with what is happening on any given day. Generally speaking, the world of live streaming is highly fragmented. There are multiple platforms that artists use such as Facebook, Twitch, Stageit, Zoom, Instagram Live, YouTube, you never know what may be streaming on one platform but not on another. This isn’t only an issue for fans but also artists. Artists want to reach their fans, but it is hard to always capture people’s attention to let them know when or where you’re streaming.

There must be a better way though, right? There is, thanks to musicians Matthew Adell, Stephan Jacobs, Henry Strange and Terrence Scoville. All of these artists found themselves frustrated over similar things with the rise of live streaming, and OnNow.tv was born to solve them.

“We all need to come together with others for life’s greatest experiences to really matter. Laughter, dancing, competition, listening to music and learning all are enhanced when we do them with others.” -Matthew Adell, Co-Founder & CEO

Just founded in May 2020, OnNow.tv is not another live streaming platform – we don’t need more of those. Instead, it is a hub for live streams and will foster the entire live streaming ecosystem. While live streaming platforms will continue to grow and thrive, OnNow is the middle layer that removes friction and fragmentation. Think of it like the menu when you have cable, except OnNow.tv is all for free.

This set up creates conveniency for creators and their fans. If you’re a live stream creator, you can create promotional pages for your live stream or series, share the page across all social media platforms, aggregate/message/retarget your audience, and overall get more views. On top of that, ratings, engagement metrics and reviews will be made available to creators and brands alike to create new revenue streams for creators and placement opportunities for brands.

OnNow.tv’s hope is to bring people together at the same time so they may experience the same thing in togetherness. It eliminates the biggest source of fragmentation by aggregating everything into one place. Viewers who want to tune in to live streams may create a watchlist of upcoming live streams, receive messages from the live stream creator, and get notified when something is about to go live.

Live streams have been all the rage these past three months. It’s gotten to the point where they will likely be here to stay post-COVID. While it’s hard to say what role it will have within our daily lives within the next couple of years, OnNow.tv is eliminating a lot of the stresses early on.

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