Drishti Beats Creates Music That Syncs to Yoga Flows

“Yoga is like music. The rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind, and the harmony of the soul creates the symphony of life.”
– B.K.S. Iyengar

Most of us know that music and movement are inextricably connected. Our bodies are full of rhythms, like the steady drum of a heartbeat. Likewise, our bodies are attuned to music, and sometimes can’t help but move to beats that we enjoy.

That’s what yoga collective Drishti Beats aims to do. Based on the Sanskrit word for “focused energy and gaze,” Drishti Beats combines chill, downtempo electronic beats with live vinyasa instruction for an immersive yoga experience. 

“The music and the movement are symbiotic,” founder Lori Lowell says. The goal is to introduce and inspire people to experience this symbiotic relationship, stimulating the body, mind, and spirit and creating a heightened sense of awareness, another level of connection, and energized bliss.

It runs in the family

Drishti Beats began in 2014 when Lori and her husband Jeremy Lowell attended a music festival with live yoga instruction. Lori and Jeremy are yoga instructors, fitness center owners, and musicians. They decided to create a band that plays on stage while they guide vinyasa yoga flows. 

They started collaborating with their daughter, Ariel Lowell, and son, who goes by the stage name Em Lowe, laying down electronic tracks and adding vocals, including socially conscious rap. Next, they added Carol Carson on the violin and Ricardo Branco on saxophone. 

“We started creating [yoga] flows that are synced to our music, and also leaving space for the musicians to speak their language through music,” said Lori. 

Since then, Drishti Beats has appeared as a major act at some of the most popular international festivals including EDC, Okeechobee, Sonic Bloom, and Mysteryland. “The coolest thing is being able to travel the world and perform with our kids, and to bring our grandchild along,” Jeremy said. 

Drishti Beats was planning on hosting their first-ever festival in summer 2020, which has unfortunately been canceled due to COVID-19 concerns. 

Evolving & expanding

The extent of their work isn’t limited to festivals. “Drishti Beats is this umbrella for the band, the group, and all these things underneath,” Lori said, including yoga teacher training and “Yoga On Demand,” instructional videos featuring their music. 

And their repertoire continues to expand. Early on in Drishti Beats’ history, CloZee did a remix of their song, “Journey.” Now her label, Gravitas, has picked up a Drishti Beats song. 

The single, “Find Your Way” ft. DAYZ, was released as part of Gravitas’s Virtus in Sonus V. It provides a satisfying soulful house conclusion to the eclectic compilation that includes artists like BARDZ, Illustrated, and Shakti. Stream Virtus in Sonus V on Spotify or name your price to buy the digital album

Don’t wait until next festival season to finally catch a Drishti Beats set! Yogis can stream a free 55-minute flow or subscribe to a Drishti Beats Yoga on Demand plan, which starts at $10 a month. Or simply blast their Spotify channel, whether you move to the beats or just chill.

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