Unitea App and The Nations Partner For Room Service Festival

Lineup graphics provided by The Nations and Unitea

Following the massive success of Digital Mirage Virtual Music Festival presented by the powerful partnership between Proximity, Trap Nation, Brownies & Lemonade, we are now approaching Round 2!

With live streams becoming the norm, The Nations and Proximity are back with another banging virtual festival to kick off this weekend. Room Service Festival will be held from April 24-26, and it features an incredible lineup including Yungblud, Channel Tres, Pink Sweat$, Chromeo, Zeds Dead, Borgore, A Boogie wit da Hoodie, Gallant, GRiZ, Mt. Joy, Trevor Daniel, RAC, Lolo Zouaï, Jeremy Zucker and many more. Seriously, if this was a real festival, this lineup would be expensive. Instead of using Twitch, there will be multiple “stages” on YouTube: one on Trap Nation and another on Chill Nation.

Following this weekend, 100% of proceeds will go to Feeding America and Sweet Relief. Feed American is the largest hunger-relief organization in the United States. Every dollar raised goes directly to getting food and funds to local food banks across the country. The Sweet Relief Musicians Fund provides immediate assistance for musicians and music industry workers affected by the enormous medical and financial burden of COVID-19.

“This is the first time we have focused our entire network on a singular action, to provide a moment of relief through charity and experience. The generosity and support of like-minded artists and entertainment professionals is amazing as we will have presented 6 days of live streaming to millions and millions of global music fans. Our partnerships with Sweet Relief, Feed America, Proximity, Cut + Sew, The Network Advisory and others have proved to be invaluable as the idea grew into these two events.”

Creighton Burke, President of The Nations

It goes without saying that Room Service Festival is much more than merely a festival. It is generously giving back to the community, especially those who are struggling most. However, it doesn’t just stop there: Unitea App is an experiential-based music streaming app, and it is partnering with Room Service Festival this weekend to give back to the fans. Unitea is designed to foster community, support artists and reward fans.

Through this entire weekend, music enthusiasts have the opportunity to earn points (or “karma”) during their favorite artist’s set by streaming and sharing via the official Unitea app. After you accumulate your karma, Unitea will allow you to cash in your karma for prizes such as free merch, tickets or experiences with your favorite artist.

If this doesn’t sound generous enough, Unitea is giving back to the artists too. This weekend, Unitea is exclusively debuting its Artist Digital Revenue Program with Room Service. Inside the app, there will be group chats called “Artist Crews.” Each group chat is designated for a particular artist so everyone who enjoys their music can come together and build community. The Artist Digital Revenue Program will pay out artists who culture their fan community through its Artist Crews and points. The best part? Whenever you redeem your points for a specific artist (or the artist hits a milestone within their Crew), Unitea will pay the artist out 50x compared to other digital streaming platforms.

We all want to do our part and give back to the artists who have given us so much to love. However, it’s difficult because not all of us have money to donate. Unitea is making it easy for fans to give back to the artist. If you want to support your favorite musician, I highly recommend you utilize Unitea this weekend.

You can download the Unitea app HERE, and start streaming your favorite artists now for a chance at redeeming merch, tickets and other rad items.

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