10 Things We Learned During Claude VonStroke’s AMA

Written by Jen Fall

Photo credit: Claude VonStroke – Facebook
Photo by Miranda McDonald Photography

I can hardly contain my excitement. Claude VonStroke (The Master) had a fabulous AMA right after Thanksgiving, and he dished a ton of exciting, Eggcellent nuggets for true devotees! Discussing everything from how he likes his eggs cooked (“Raw like Rocky”) and his production style to tips for submitting the perfect tracks to his label and of course his upcoming Dirtybird East Coast Campout. He covered it all, and all in true VonStroke style. Get caught up below:

  1. The Master, as we will refer to him from now on, devotes FOUR ENTIRE DAYS a week to producing music. The other two are spent on meetings and, clearly, organizing amazing lineups for his label’s tours and festivals (did you SEE phase 2 for East Coast Campout?) He does his own mixing, is passionate about sidechaining, and starts a new loop every morning at 5:45AM. No wonder he is the master.
  2. He obviously doesn’t need much sleep, and that is how the master keeps up with his rigorous touring schedule.
  3. The Master plans to release his Barclay Crenshaw set from Campout on the Holiday Smorgasboarg Sirius XM Campout 48 Hour Radio Show Extravaganza, that has not yet been announced as of yet (we’re all waiting!).
  4. He has an “insane” event planned for Chicago this year. All you Midwesterners, STAY TUNED!
  5. He would love to do a track with Justin Martin, but as he is currently building a new studio, it would have to organically work out.
  6. He has 4 potential European trips booked for next year, but has yet to organize a Campout due to the logistics of California being of such distance to properly ensure a great fest. He encouraged European promoters to book something. (Here’s your chance!)
  7. He wishes he hired a manager for his first album, and that he NEVER did that Fatboy Slim remix of Andre’ Abujamra-Orijem (hey, I always liked that one, but I get it).
  8. East Coast Campout will be blessedly devoid of dust because the entire venue is grass, they will have different, but similar activities, and last but not least for all you sports fans: A SUPERBOWL PARTY!
  9. Yes, of course there will be a family set at Dirtybird East Coast Campout.
  10. The last cake he ate he made with Will Clarke’s mom, and it was an English cherry cake. Well played, sir. Well played.


Check out the AMA for yourself. Can’t get enough Claude? Understandable. Bask in the recently released video stream of his infamous Dirtybird Campout set:

Don’t forget to get your Dirtybird East Coast Campout tickets here. Can’t wait to see all you Dirtybirds in February!

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