Transmission Lives Up to the Hype

By: John Jacobson


“One of the biggest and the best Productions I have ever seen. Well organized, and F**king lasers! Too much lasers!”, exclaimed Coming Soon!! during the event.

A sold out 20,000-person crowd experienced one of the most outstanding productions of the year. Transmission Festival displayed a purely epic stage design and story line. Normally, while I impatiently wait for the music to start I could care less about themed intermissions. However, the live ensemble combined with the insane visuals kept me on my feet. The number of lasers that mesmerized the crowd was insane! The one day, indoor Trance festival in Prague was more than worth the trip.


Simon Patterson and Coming Soon!! closed the event, and they absolutely killed it. Their sets were a perfect way to end the night. After, seeing them perform for the first time they managed to climb their way to my list of favorite DJ’s. The entire crowd was captivated every second of their sets from start to finish. One day did not feel like nearly long enough. We didn’t want the festival to end; let alone the trip from Chicago to Prague. The aspect of quality over quantity is a lesson many festivals in the U.S. should learn from.


Transmission is constantly growing, and announced its expansion to China during the festival in Prague. Dead center of the crowd my friend from Italy receives the announcement via text message. The abrupt surprise brought smiles to our faces. The international love at this festival is profound. Its rapid growth is only a sign of greater development for Transmission and its fans.


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