Houston’s Day for Night – Artistically Speaking

Written by Jen Fall

Photo credit: Day for Night & Theo-Graphics

People always ask me, why in the world would you come all the way from Indiana to a festival here? I have been asked that question at almost every single fest outside of the Midwest fests I have attended all year.  My answer to this question is this: “Have you ever been to Indiana?”. Most don’t know where it even is on a map. After laughing and chatting for a bit, and a mini geography lesson (I’m somewhere in between Chicago and Louisville) I usually get a barrage of hugs and positive vibes for traveling the “farthest”. Europeans have me beat (you are the real MVP’s). I know I am not the only one traveling from far away for events but I am about to make another large leap; Day for Night in Houston, TX.

Day for Night is NOT an EDM fest. EDM is represented on the lineup, but it is more about the multi-genre acts, (hello NIN and Thom Yorke) and most of all outside of the music, the ART. After several friends went last year, and having serious FOMO, I decided that this year I would definitely make the journey. After all, I have friends in Houston, I have fested solo before. Surely this would not be a difficult leap for me. The clincher was the art installations. Lineups come and go, music will always be, but a transformational art festival unlike any that I have ever witnessed, still in its youthful years enough to still be fresh and hip? This I have to see. Check out the artists I’m definitely not missing below:


Hailing from Barcelona,  Playmodes is an audio visual research studio based out of Barcelona who employ a team of musicians, designers, and engineers. With highly critically acclaimed projects that have been utilized for several art based festivals around the world, this is not to be missed. Their artistry mixed with their methodical nature will leave everyone wanting to see more from this Spanish studio. They even collaborate with other artists all over the world to create amazing projects, and give lectures and do workshops in Universities.


Lina Dib has been supported by the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, and I am a sucker for that particular style of art. Her installations have been hailed as “Earthy, watery and whimsical, slow and ephemeral.”  Sounds like Andy Warhol would have loved to see this in person.


Ikeda has been hailed as one of the few international artists who blends visual and sonic media. He incorporates sound, visuals, mathematics, and physical phenomena in his performances.  Supercodex [live set] is his latest audiovisual performance. Sounds brilliant.

All the artists on the LIGHT lineup look like they will be not just a visual experience, but that they will share interests in digital technology, as well as mixing sound and light based artwork together. Check out the full lineup here and be sure to make plans to take in the artwork, as well as the incredible lineup! I look forward to meeting all you wonderful people there!

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