Sell Out Imminent for Ultra Music Festival

Written by Jen Fall

Photo credit: Ultra Music Festival

Hey Ultranauts, as we move into the holiday season I would like to remind you all of one absolute truth: Ultra is going to sell out.

Do you hear me procrastinators? Ultra is absolutely going to sell out earlier than usual. The 20th anniversary is shaping up to be a monumental milestone for Ultra, and the interest is much higher than usual. After selling out, the only option you will have is StubHub, and although it can come through in a pinch, trust me, you don’t want to pay those prices and fees.

As I write this article, myself and many others are placing bets on the month it will sell out. My money is on December. This is great news for all of you who can’t decide what you want Santa to bring you for Christmas. Santa loves Ultra. (No joke, I think I have a picture with him somewhere in Miami). I can think of nothing I would rather have for my holiday season than a festival ticket. (You hear this mom?) What a happy holiday indeed!

Purchase your tickets here:

Need a push? Watch the Ultra aftermovie here.

I’ll see you all in Miami!

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