Class is in Session with the Russ Liquid Test

photos by Don Idio

Residing in New Orleans, Louisiana, Russell Scott, otherwise known as Russ Liquid, formed the Russ Liquid Test to combine the sounds of classic funk to form a unique and intricate design of electronic music. The Russ Liquid Test includes Russ Liquid, guitarist Andrew Block, and drummer Deven Trusclair whom all have a deep connection and ties to the New Orleans jazz scene. Signed with All Good Records, Russ Liquid joins numerous artists under the label including GRiZ, Sunsquabi, The Geek X Vrv, and a few others! Without further ado, Russ Liquid!

Festival Squad: Thank you for taking time to sit down to speak to me! How does it feel to be back at the Spirit of Suwannee Music Park? I know you were here earlier this year for Purple Hatter’s Ball!

Russ Liquid: Feels GREAT! Suwannee is such a magical place to have music festivals… we are honored to be invited to play at this wonderful venue.

Festival Squad: I read that while you were on tour with Gramatik in 2014, you and Andrew Block crossed paths. What inspired you and Andrew to form the Russ Liquid Test?

Russ Liquid: To be honest we both have similar musical views and are into the same sort of music. We really vibe well both on and off the stage, so we was like… why do this for other people when we can do our own thing ha.

Festival Squad: You play quite a few instruments (keys, saxophone, flute, trumpet, percussion). Which is your favorite to play?

Russ Liquid: The keys… you get to be your own band… you can kick the bass and chords with left hand and play the melody with the right hand. I try and work out all song ideas out on the piano before bringing it to the studio.

Festival Squad: Are there any other instruments that you want to learn to play in the future?

Russ Liquid: I’d love to learn how to play the sitar and I’d also love to learn how to play the kora.

Festival Squad: I saw the Russ Liquid Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test last year at Howlin Wolf. Is there any plans to reunite the team for a second run?

Russ Liquid: Absolutely!!!!!!! We definitely have some special shows planned for 2018!

Festival Squad: You sat in with numerous artists at Electric Forest this year (Ganja White Night, EOTO, Opiuo), are there any local artists in New Orleans or any dream collaborations you have?

Russ Liquid: We really wanna do something with PJ Morton and Tank and the Bangas… We have been doing some stuff with our homie Boogie T … Also there is just a plethora of amazing musicians there that we have had the pleasure of collating with such as Ivan Neville, Nigel Hall, Eric Bloom, Russell Batiste.

Festival Squad: What drove you to transition into producing psychedelic music?

Russ Liquid: I’m never really trying to make psychedelic music.. we just trying to make music you can swim in.

Festival Squad: Is there potential for an album solely produced just featuring yourself?

Russ Liquid: Well my focus is definitely on the Russ Liquid Test band. However, I do have a large amount of unreleased gems that I’ve made that I will be putting out sometime in 2018. I definitely will continue making music under the solo project Russ Liquid.

Festival Squad: I personally am a huge fan of GRiZ and all of the artists under All Good Records. What is it like to release music and how did you become associated with All Good Records?

Russ Liquid: I really have a lot of respect for Grant and the way he runs his business. Being apart of something like All Good Records which is very dedicated to the fans as well as the artists has been wonderful… Also having the support of someone like GRiZ who can get us exposure to like minded fans has been huge for the growth of this project. We are extremely thankful for the opportunity.

Festival Squad: Have to ask, where is the best place to get a Po-Boy in New Orleans?

Russ Liquid: Crabby Jacks

Festival Squad: What can we expect next year from the Russ Liquid Test?

Russ Liquid: A whole lot of FUNKIN AWESOMENESS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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