Here Comes The Flow: Fashionista Julie Tattoo

photos provided by Julie Tattoo

Julie Tattoo is an all in one electronic music enthusiast, festival fashionista, and performance artist!

It is very common to see flow artists at music festivals and shows, but Julie is one you need to look out for! I had to ask her about her arts and also where she got her amazing festival fashion from. She got into the festival and rave scene about four years ago when she went to my first show. Since then she has been hooked! “I had always liked EDM, but going to an event and seeing all the creativity and acceptance that these events thrive off of made me fall in love with the scene,” said Julie.

Julie has been dancing since she was four years old. When she started going to festivals, she was then introduced to flow arts and the dancers that perform at EDM events. “First, I started off with wanting to learn hooping. I bought my first hoop and watched YouTube tutorials. Now I’ve been hooping for almost three years. I started performing at EDM festivals about a year ago, Moonrise being the first festival I got to perform at. I remember seeing the performers at Moonrise Festival the year before I performed and thought to myself I wanna do that. After months of practicing, I auditioned and got to dance at Moonrise for major DJs like Tiesto and Marshmello. I can’t wait to be back again this year to perform,” said Julia.

She is a part of a performance artist collective called Dystrucxion, and she continues to find inspiration among the group of ladies she is with. “They’re all extremely talented, fierce women who have taught me to be myself no matter what society tells me to do. Our team leader Jess creates all our costumes as well; I feel blessed to be part of such a creative girl gang. Oh, and Lady Gaga!”
When it comes to fashion, Julie gave me her top shops she purchases from!
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When it comes to picking a festival outfit she tries to find one “that reflects the theme of the event I’m going to, while still making sure it’s something I can be able to dance in for endless hours. To me, the most important thing in selecting an outfit is that it’s something you feel beautiful in, regardless of what other people will think,” said Julie.
She also recently attended Elements Music Festival in Lakewood, PA and said that it might be one of her favorite festivals as of now! “The lineup was stellar featuring artists like Claptone, Claude VonStroke, Tipper, and Liquid Stranger, but what brought the festival to life was all the creativity that surrounded it. The festival put so much emphasis on visual and performance art while also luring in a crowd of kind, like minded people,” said Julie.

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