Philly’s Finest Made in America

Sweet baby Jesus, Made In America. I use the word play referencing this years lineup from Kanye & Jay Z’s song “Made in America”. Jay Z curated the festival in 2012 and has continued to sign prominent acts (including himself) for the lineup over the years; 2017 seeing similar results. Historical Philadelphia will host Made In America Labor Day weekend September 2nd & 3rd. The two day holiday weekend celebration has some heavy hitters on the bill.

J Cole – I never thought I’d be writing about J Cole as an artist to see. One of the more talented rappers of today, J Cole has made a name for himself after being mentored and working with other players and veterans in the industry. Watching him perform “Land of Snakes” a day before Outkast performed the song’s original, “Da Art of Storytellin'” at Counterpoint 2014 is still one of my favorite festival memories to date. Most of his songs are clever and relevant, not considering he puts on a great concert.

The Chainsmokers – I have to give these guys credit after their set at Shaky Beats this year. I’ll admit my prehate for their set was on medium and I wish Zeds Dead had closed, but The Chainsmokers killed the show. The crowd appeared to love every minute of their performance which always enhances a set. Confetti and fireworks are always a plus. Look out for their set at Made In America.

Migos – True or false, if you listen to the current music in todays society, chances are you have heard of Migos. True. My final answer. Offset, Takeoff, and Quavo, aka Migos has been hot for quite some time now as some of their songs have owned the music charts. Their music and influence is everywhere; a Norwegian Prince even did a quick dab during a ceremony recently. Migos put on a good show for the Kickoff Party at Hangout. Props to them as they thanked fans for making them the hottest group in the world. Migos album Culture is definitely worth the listen. Assuming break up rumors dissolve, they are another act to see at Made In America.

See you in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania September 2nd-3rd. Grab your tickets here!

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