Lost in the Sloss

photo by Kenwyn Alexander

After checking out the website and reading some of the information for Sloss Music & Arts Festival, it seems like more than just a festival. Of course the music is top priority but it focuses on the city of Birmingham as well. For the history buffs, Sloss might be a great festival to learn a few things about our industrial history while partying. The festival itself puts you directly in a historical scene as it is set in downtown Birmingham’s Sloss Furnaces National Historic Landmark July 15th & 16th.

Birmingham aka The Magic City, has several aspects of entertainment outside the music. Since the festival is only two days, it’s sold to consider the extra day to explore Birmingham. The website has a guide of ways to experience Birmingham from different restaurants, attractions, and nightlife and bars. The restaurants range from familiar BBQ joints to pizza eateries and oyster houses. Some attractions listed are: Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame, and the Birmingham Zoo. There are a handful of breweries and bars around town for after hours as well.

One of the coolest pieces of information on the site is the map showing distances from Birmingham to surrounding territories. It helps give a ballpark on how far the travels might be for some attendees. Two day tickets are currently under $200 and single day tickets are around $100; both great bargains for the talent of both days. July is just around the corner. Think about getting lost in the Sloss!

See you in Birmingham, Alabama July 15th-16th. Grab your tickets here!

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