Did ODESZA hint their new music drops next week?

written by Stephanie Rosa

photo by Don Idio 

If you’re an ODESZA fan, life has been rough these days. Its been over a year since the In Return Deluxe album dropped, just barely satisfying our need for new music with live and instrumental versions of our favorite songs. Even our beloved No.Sleep mixes have been put on hold as the boys work diligently behind the scenes on new music. Finally in December, ODESZA drops new songs at Day for Night Festival without warning leaving the fans absolutely baffled. And for four months without word, we have waited.


Finally, on 4/18 ODESZA releases a new playlist on Spotify with “. . . . _ / . . _ _ _ . . . . .” as its name.  Wesley Dike, a fan from the Facebook group “ODESZA family” was able to interpret this code and and let the group know that it translated to 4/25… or April 25th.

Could it be true? Is a new album dropping in 6 days? A new single? Either way, you can expect us here at Festival Squad to be living with our Spotify open waiting for new music.

If a full album is not released then, our team predicts that ODESZA will be dropping a full new album at Red Rocks in late May at the two-day sold out show.




F/T: Riverbeats

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