15 Festival Essentials & Gadgets of 2017 You (Probably) Don’t Know About

Photos and words by Don Idio

With festival season in full swing, most of us know the basics of what is necessary to have a great festival experience. We know all about layers of clothing, unique glamping options, killer clothes, etc. But what you may not know is all about those little gadgets on the market that are PERFECT for festing. Take a look at this list of items that could completely change your festival experience.

1. GoTennaMesh

No service? No problem! This fully off-grid device connects to Android or iOS devices via Bluetooth. With up to 10 users, you will be able to send and receive text messages with your friends who have the GoTenna Mesh device.  The range is 1 mile between 2 devices and grows stronger with more users. A pair of GoTena Mesh devices cost $149. Stay connected and never get lost at festival again!


2. Insta360Nano

This clip attachment made for Iphone, allows you to shoot 360 degree photos and videos. With its real time stitching you can broadcast through your live streaming platform including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.live.  Featured with a high-standard resolution of 3040×1520 for images and 3040×1520@30fps max for videos. For $199, you can give your friends a taste of your fun at the festival. For Andriod users, the Insta360 Air is available for $129.

3. Nemo Helio Pressure Shower

Featuring a 2.9 gallon bag, leave the Helio bag under the sun and use the foot pump to create 5-7 minutes of warm pressurized water.  The Helio can be left on the ground as it has a 7ft hose! For $99.95, this would be a great investment for use at multiple camping festivals where you don’t have to wait in line or pay to shower.  


4. Ice Mule Coolers

When some camping festivals allow you to bring drinks to certain areas of the site something like the Ice Mule Cooler is ideal.  For $69.95 the IceMule Classic – Large (20L) can hold 18 cans or 5 Wine Bottles including the ice. There are no zippers so it is very easy get in and out of. In addition, the welded seams & PolarLayer insulation make it completely waterproof and keeps contents ice cold for 24 hours+.

5. Sitpack 

A compact portable seat that comes at the size of an Arizona Tea can.  It is perfect for when you need to take a seat in between sets.  The seat is height adjustable and support up to 220lbs.  It could be yours for  $58.35 and comes in different color designs.  For $26.52 you can attach the cushion for it.  


6.  Polariod Pop

Available for holiday season of 2017,  the Polariod pop brings back that nostalgic 3 x 4 sized photos with vibrate color.  Features include a 20-Megapixel CMOS sensor, dual flash, 1080p video recording, and sd card slot. You can always connect your mobile device to the Polariod pop to instantly print photos. It will be priced at $199.

7. Pacsafe Vibe 20 Anti-Theft Backpack

If you want to keep your valuables safe during a festival,  this is the best backpack for you.  It has RFID blocking material that shields your passport and credit cards against RFID skimming. Also features a lockdown point for zippers and cables to help protect against pickpockets.  More importantly it has a stainless steel wire mesh preventing a person from cutting into your bag.  It comes in 5 different colors and costing only $89.95.

8.  Vibedration VIP 2.0L

VIP packs feature a 2.0 L water supply that is BPA Free, antimicrobial water bladders, extra mouthpiece, and 3 separate compartments.  VIP bags cost around $44.99 and is offered in different designs to your liking.  Vibedration also offers different bag styles including 1.0L bags and 3.0L bags. Use code: festivalsquad-15 for 15% off your order!


9. LuminaAID Packlite Spectra

This lantern like device will brightening up your tent, sitting area, or your long walks to bathroom. With it’s solar panels you can charge outside in direct sun for 10 hours or by micro USB input in 1-2 hours. It provides up to 12 hours of LED light with 9 color modes. Also it is waterproof and it can float.  You can own this device for $24.99


10. Chillbo Baggins Air Lounger

First off it has a  100% satisfaction money-back guarantee! For $59.90 you have choose between 7 colors.  It has elastic anchor loops to stake it down in case of windy conditions and also includes large side pockets.  The support weight is up to 400lbs and it can float on water.


11. Hydaway

For $20, a 21 oz collapsable water bottle could be yours. All HYDAWAY bottles feature a flip-up straw and carry handle.


 12. Scrubba Portable Washing Machine

The very light weight and portable Scrubba Wash Bag feature internal washboards that allow a machine quality wash in just under 3 minutes. So if you happen to run out of clothes/underwear from a long festival trip this would be useful costing you only $55.


13. Astro E7 26800mAh Portable Charger

For only $61 this lightweight, fast charging power bank can provide up to ten charges to a smartphone. It can charge three devices simultaneously.


14. EarPeace HD Hearing Protection

There are high reviews for Ear Peace HD Hearing Protection as they are comfortable, retain music and conversation clarity, and more importantly  help protect your hearing.  For only $20, you will receive a 2 filter sets to adjust for the level of protection you need. You can also pick the color of your case.



15.Cafflano Klassic

Grind your beans and then drip-filter a deliciously hot cup of coffee when you need to wake up from raging for $89.



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