Canadian/European Producers Remix Experimental Track – Wall Fuck Review

written by Connor McAuliffe

While I have been patiently waiting for some more new music from Gramatik since the release of Epigram back in March 2016, the best of three worlds collided for an epic remix. Australia’s Grammy award winning artist Flume produced an experimental track on Skin titled Wall Fuck that is just now receiving some more attention from music aficionados. The original track contains some chilling and wonky sounds that it makes me question if the track is a banger or a great tune to get you hyped for the next song in a set. Gramatik and Ramzoid decided to take their creative ideas and make this experimental tune into a remixed festival banger.

The intro of the remix is like the start of the original but then is complimented by the sounds of some chimes to make the listener believe that the track may be a chill, melodic remix. Wrong, once the beat starts to slow down, it immediately begins to ramp up the pace until the drop . Upon the first drop, the melodies and samples used will make any fan want to get up and dance. Throughout the next section, the soothing sounds of bells/chimes ease my mind while the anticipation for the second drop builds. The second drop just brings me back to the mind state of the first one and will make you want to dance once again. With the outro of the track comes an easing sound of piano keys and chimes to remind the listener of each producers signature style.

Take a listen below!

When two producers with different musical styles/backgrounds come together to remix an experimental track, it can turn out to be one hell of a remix that the crowd is going to absolutely go crazy for. This remix has shown me how versatile Gramatik is when it comes to producing and collaborating with other artists.

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