New Year, New Festival: Starting 2017 at Snowta

written by Austin Allen

It was below freezing when I arrived in Minneapolis however my blood was warm with excitement for what the night had in store. For it being Snowta’s first year they sure orchestrated a stellar way to bring in the New Year. Acts consisting of Tipper, Big Gigantic, Prof, Squnto, Bogtrotter, Sixis, Infected Mushroom, Waka Flacka, and many more while at the same time bringing in a Ferris wheel (which later got shut down) a skateboard contest, interactive art galleries, and a giant slide!

The Minneapolis Convention Center was the perfect place to host this shindig – complete with plenty of space, bathrooms, an outdoor smoking section, seating area, and multiple bars for those twenty-one and up. The staff and security were very kind but also was very professional and did exactly what they needed to for Snowta to run accordingly.


Aside from Ferris Wheel getting shut down….it was a grand ol’ time! The skateboard competition was pretty cool and hosted some really awesome talent; it was a fun and different twist that I haven’t seen any other festival implement into their production. One of my favorite stages ended up being the Pyramid stage that Bogtrotter and Sixis performed on. It was in the shape of a pyramid (go figure) however the outside was designed by none other than the infamous Aaron Brooks. While I was taking pictures behind the artists – getting a firsthand look at the inside of the 3D pyramid – I noticed a little note written to those who entered the inside of the stage. A simple “HEY” with a little Aaron Brooks doodle greeting every artist to step foot within its bounds.

Big Gigantic had the midnight timeslot on the mainstage and counted it down in the most epic of fashions. As the 2016 came to an end hundreds of people came together and counted down from ten to put the final nail in the coffin for another year lived. Although 2016 was hated by some and loved by others the tone of the crowd grew strong and more excited as the time wound down and once midnight struck – joyous uproar spread like a wildfire. Hundreds of balloons and confetti dropped from the ceiling as lights, music, and joy filled the room as love pulsed through the air.



After Big G finished their set and the festival goers shuffled out of the room to either catch Waka Flocka or Nostalgia X Johnny Foreplay X Apparition to close the night out, my squad and I eagerly sat at the main stage awaiting one of our favorite artists – Tipper. There was excitement in the air as the crowd awaited, wondering if it would be downtempo or if he would be exclusively playing tracks from his newest EP, Flunked. As the master took the stage and began his set the crowd moved accordingly to the beat that became unfamiliar to Tipper fans; unfamiliar BECAUSE THEY’VE NEVER HEARD IT BEFORE!!!! Tipper then began to drop his EP as well as fan favorites from his EP “Its Like” and it was straight sorcery to say the least.


Like all good nights, this one had to come to an end. People vigorously hugged their friends and told them how much they meant to one another, strangers hugged each other and welcomed each other into a new year full of opportunity and hope. Making my way out of the convention center and into the fierce cold that the new year flaunted I was met by a sea of shivering spunions all awaiting their ride. Retreated into the warmth of my Uber I spent my January 1st like many Snowta attendees did– bringing in the year with those they held close.


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