Desert Dwellers Take Denver By Storm TONIGHT

written by John Miller

photo from the Desert Dwellers Facebook Page

If you are looking for something to do in Downtown Denver today, January 7th, look no further. The Desert Dwellers will be playing at the Ogden Theater accompanied by Kalya Scintilla, HÄANA, and Kaminanda. Desert Dwellers offers a range of music that will put you in tranquility. If you love EDM and soothing instruments, then this is the artist for you. With sounds ranging from drum to bird calls, there is sure something soothing for everyone to enjoy.

Desert Dwellers threw down a spectacular show this past May at Lightning in a Bottle as well. In February, at Gem and Jam festival in Tucson, Desert Dwellers left the crowd equally in awe. There is no doubt that they will do the same tonight at the Ogden. Desert Dwellers Live show offers more than just a DJ set. The show features live theatrics choreographed with the music. The combination of music and theatrics create an atmosphere that words simply can not describe. Kalya Scintilla and Eve Olution create an out of this world experience with wicked dance moves and exotic costumes. Sonic Bloom will be bringing their spectacular hummingbird stage to the Ogden which will surely leave you just as speechless as the rest of the performance. There is no doubt that all of this talent will make for a spectacular show like it has in the past.

Desert Dwellers and Kalya Scintilla & Eve Olution have created an “eco-driven” collaboration that focuses on Reforestation and Clean Drinking water. You should surely feel good going to this show because not only will you be supporting these amazing artists, but you will be also supporting the planting of new trees and clean drinking water. Save the trees, give the gift of clean water, and come to the Desert Dwellers show!


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