The Breakdown of NYE at Decadence AZ

written by Hayden Fischer 

photos by Jacob Fischer

 If you didn’t attend either day of Decadence in Arizona this year, then you missed out on the time of your life. The setup, hours of work put into making Decadence happen, and incredible artists that performed the two nights equaled out to the best way to end the year and ring in the next one.

Music genre – EDM

Camping: No

Capacity: Medium (~25k)

Crowd type:  For the most part, the age group was 18 – 25, but don’t let your age stop you from coming and jamming out because all ages are welcomed.

Water stations: Yes

For The First Timers – First timers beware because it does get chilly as the night goes on. This year was a bit warmer than the previous year but still, make sure to bring a jacket or something to keep you warm for the night.

Standout Food – The food was on point this year, so don’t be afraid to come hungry. It ranged from chicken tenders to stir fry noodles.

Musical Highlights – An artist that surprisingly blew my mind was the underdog Vanic. Vanic is a DJ from Vancouver, British Columbia that has slowly been on the rise. His set time was earlier in the night and I wasn’t expecting the set that he threw down. I saw Vanic this past year at Coachella and he played a lot of his fun vibey music, with a little bit of head banging. If you like Dubstep, then Vanic would’ve blown your mind, as he played a set that had you head banging one moment then swaying back and forth in your feelings the next. He kept the crowd engaged the whole time and the vibes during that set left us speechless. Definitely, the best set of the weekend in my opinion and you should keep your eye out for him at your next event.

Things To Do — Decadence stepped up their game this year and brought carnival rides and a fun house, an awesome way to take a break with friends.

VIP or Nah  — In my opinion VIP was worth it if you spent most of your time in the Diamond Arena, AKA the main stage. If you had VIP, it made no difference at Sapphire Hall, which was the other stage.  For the main stage, there were standing sections on the side that made a huge difference compared to being squeezed in the crowd. As the night went on and the venue got more packed, having VIP came in handy because you didn’t have to worry about camping out at the stage to get a good spot for your favorite DJ. With VIP, you could easily walk into the tent and be on the sides, having a clear view of the stage with lots of space around to dance.

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