EDC Las Vegas: New Layout, New Stage Designs

Electric Daisy Carnival veterans just may need to reference a map for the first time in many moons at this year’s flagship Insomniac event coming up May 17-19. The internet exploded when during the excitement-packed live lineup announcement, Pasquale alluded to stage redesigns and relocations. With the EDC footprint being generally unchanged for quite a few years now, even those who knew the layout better than their own home are in for a new experience. The adjustments will hopefully bring new life to stages that often became too packed to even enjoy the headliner, prime examples being Neon Garden and Basspod. In the spirit of navigation, we’ve mapped out a few pro tips that will ensure your EDC Las Vegas goes as smooth as a Carl Cox transition.

Photo by Ivan Meneses for Insomniac Events

Packing 201

Of course you’ve packed the obvious like your day-by-day outfits, maybe a pash and your camelback, but let’s run through some less obvious items that are essential to executing the perfect EDC adventure.

  • Band-aids: The speedway is big. Really big. Those incredible new platforms set off your outfit perfectly, if only you could bear to walk without wincing. If you’re trying out some new shoes for EDC, a brave quest on its own, pack a hearty amount of band-aids just in case any blisters make a guest appearance. Even if you might not end up needing them, there’s a good chance you could save a fellow ravers night/morning.
  • Powdered drink packets: The water may be free at EDC but that doesn’t mean it’s tasty. Make staying hydrated a little more appealing by packing these packets. Score some ice (have some cash on hand to tip) from a friendly drink vendor and you’ve got a decent tasting, refreshing beverage.
  • Hoodie: Talk to any raver that’s gone to EDC a few times and they’ll tell you be ready for any weather. Attendees have sweated through the scorching heat plenty of times but more recently, cooler temps have reared their head leaving attendees either shivering as they shuffle or waiting in long merch lines for an $80 hoodie. Keep an eye on the weather and be sure to reserve a locker if you can’t spare the precious space in your festival bag.
  • Kandi: Is there any worse feeling than dedicated hours upon hours to making cuffs, singles and perlers and then promptly leaving them behind for the festival? Set a reminder in your phone to remember to pack them up!
  • Fans: Another item that often tragically gets left behind in the heat of the moment (pun intended). Pack one in each of the bags you’re bringing to the festival so there’s no way they don’t make it in. If you do find yourself fanless but desperate for a breeze you can always swing by the shops at EDC to pick up a new fabulous friend.
  • Your festival wristband(!): You delighted in the unboxing of the long-awaited delivery, stuck the magnet on your fridge, affixed some stickers to your Stanley and promptly closed the box back up (or worse you tried it on and tightened it but that’s a whole other issue). Forgetting this essential item is not only a rookie move, it’ll cost you a considerable amount of time wasted in the will-call line. An obvious item but probably the most important!

Scott Hutchinson for Insomniac Events

Under the Electric Sky

EDC Las Vegas is truly one of the most visually stunning, emotionally breathtaking environments you could ever hope to enjoy music and friendship in. That being said, there are ways to ensure not only your good time but ways to embrace the opportunity to help others have the time of their lives as well. A few easy guidelines that will make your EDC experience that much better:

  • Navigate wisely: With a new layout ahead of us, there may be some growing pains to new pathways, reliable meeting spots not where they used to be or just the usual bottlenecks in high traffic areas of the festival. Try to proceed calmly through these areas as everyone gets their bearings. Hold hands with your crew through the tight spots or raise that totem nice and high so no soldiers get left behind. Upon arrival on the first day before the madness ensues (ideally while it’s still bright out if you can manage it!), pick a very obvious, stationary (RIP mobile daisy) meetup spot that those solo adventurers can come back to for a hug-filled reunion.
  • Not having fun? Make a move: You hear too many stories of bad vibes or low energy sets that attendees puzzlingly suffer through, seemingly solely so they can hop on IG later to complain. With 9 stages plus art cars and endless art installations there’s no reason to squander any precious moments of the weekend. Move your spot in the crowd or go discover a new DJ. You could even reset and lay in the grass or climb a few steps up the bleachers and enjoy the view. You paid too much money and invested too much planning to stand at a set with your arms crossed, you deserve better!
  • Compliment your heart out: One of the most unique and lovable things about the electronic dance community is the comradery and love for one another. Whereas in the real world you may not always voice your enthusiasm over an outfit or dance move, EDC is your chance! Most times your compliment will be met with an ear to ear smile and you might even get to trade some kandi and make a new friend. Under the electric sky is a magical place and the connections you make here will thrive at the speedway and beyond.

Photo by Orhun Uygur for Insomniac Events

EDC Las Vegas is right around the corner on May 17, 18 & 19. Limited passes are still available and if you only make it one day, for the first time in a very long time you can buy a one day pass (Sunday only) to join in on the fun. Check out your options here and join the party in less than a month!

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