Texas Eclipse : Beauty, Synchronicities, and Serendipity

Cover Photo by Tyler Church

We, at Festival Squad, have been reminiscing on the magic experienced during a total solar eclipse ever since the 2017 Eclipse Festival in Oregon. The Texas skies played host to another celestial symphony on April 8th, 2024. Roughly 40,000 people gathered in Burnett, TX on April 4th-9th 2024 to witness nature’s one of most awe- inspiring phenomenons and explore the vast array of music, performances, and art hosted by Texas Eclipse Festival.

Reveille Peak Ranch was a massive property, and it was dressed its best for the festival. Though the property was hilly and the walk from camp to the venue was long, but colorful flowers in bloom sprinkled the pathways.

“Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it, we go nowhere.”

Carl Sagan

Thousands of imaginations contributed to the magic found at Texas Eclipse. 7 Main Stages filled the grounds: LoneStar, Sun, Moon, Eclipse, Ether, Sky, And Earth. Elaborate drone shows decorated the night sky on Sunday evening, a beautiful sight no matter if viewed from the stages or adventuring the festival. Fire, LED, and acrobatic performers roamed the grounds as well as activated the stages. Other art activations included Paraluna by Christopher Schardt, The Grand Artique, Xuza Art Car, Incendia Experience, The Multiversal Dome, “Observatory” by Gregg Fleishman, Meow Wolf, and more!

Photo by Molly Polus, “Multiversal Dome
Photo by Molly Polus, “Multiversal Dome” & “Observatory” by Gregg Fleishman

Intellectuals from all over the globe came to the festival to host workshops and discussions on the topics of space, technology, and plant medicine. Musical highlights included Atash, Skysia, Dirtwire, The String Cheese Incident, Red Giant Project, and High Step Society. There were a variety of genres playing at all times, due to the large size of the event.

Photo by Tyler Church, “Lonestar Stage”

Though the festival was cancelled one day early due to upcoming severe weather, attendees made the most of their time spent there. Monday afternoon was still the main event- a total solar eclipse. The beauty of the 4 minutes and 11 seconds is described below:

The clouds parted, the sun was shining, and the cosmic dance began. The sun and moon kissed until totality- the moment when the day turns to night, the planets sparkle in the sky, and the solar flares radiate… Words will never do it justice. That level of amazement and wonder can only be experienced to truly understand the magnitude of magic that is a solar eclipse” – Saucy Feather (DJ, Poet, Muse, LMT, Earth Activist)

A couple more intentions and reflections from contributors to the event are mentioned below:

My intentions with the temple were to provide a sacred place of rest and meditation for people to experience and enjoy the eclipse. And as always, I seek to create an environment that fosters creative expression. A place for people to dance and play music, or paint, or just have a moment. A landmark for people to meet their friends.“- James Baxter, Temple Designer

What I’m most hopeful about is that this knowledge is spreading so quickly. There’s not one elder, one access point that can be destroyed. This movement is literally unstoppable“- Paul Stamets, Mycologist

The intricately designed stages, unique (unreleased) sound systems using the festival as a tester, detailed alters, experiential nooks, and most importantly friends and people I grew up with in the festival community with all came and shined. Synchronicities, chaos, magic, and serendipity around every corner- the juxtaposition of life existed here… It was the people who made it what it was, who helped pick each other up and shine the light of humanity” –Phoenix Fire Flow (Performer)

We couldn’t have done it without the over 3000 team members and collaborators, some of whom we have worked for almost a year, putting this all together. Also, a special thanks to the over 2000 guests, speakers, performers, vendors, sponsors, artists, and staff. Although the festival did not end the way we all wanted, we were still a part of a once-in-a-lifetime event.” – Texas Eclipse Official Statement

Thanks for reading & see you at the next solar eclipse!

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