DJ BEAUZ Presents Blockeley: Minecraft Graduation Ceremony and Music Festival

Music festivals and graduation ceremonies are just some of the celebrations that have gone away due to lockdown. During these troubling times, we have seen the emergence of many virtual festivals like Virtual Beyond: Digital Rave-A-Thon hosted by Insomniac and Room Service Festival hosted by Unitea and the Nations.

BEAUZ, an American duo formed by brothers Bernie and Johan Yang, wanted to take the idea of a virtual festival one step further. Blockeley Music Festival will virtually celebrate the graduating class of 2020 in a unique way by taking place inside a 1:1 replica of UC Berkeley Campus designed in Minecraft created by Elliot Choi and Luis Juarez.

The date is May 16th. This is important because the class of 2020 is unable to graduate, so the team has been working to put together something that is unique and unforgettable. I think the project we’re creating is a lot better than a zoom graduation. Also, this is a turning point in e-festivals. Most livestreams and video game shows were couch parties, this one you’re in the crowd and interacting with live performers. This event is a big experiment for that model.

-Elliott Choi

It will feature live in-game performances by Vini Vici, Sam Feldt, Matoma, BEAUZ, and other special guests that will truly create an interactive and unique experience for all viewers. The festival will be streamable on OS Studio’s Twitch Channel and ABC LIVE on May 16th starting at 4 pm (PST) and May 17th starting at 10 am (PST).

“When Elliot (Blockeley CEO) and his team reached out to ask us to join such a groundbreaking event, we were moved: a 1:1 replica of Johan’s campus to celebrate the class of 2020 graduations worldwide? We had to do whatever we could do to help”


The collective energy behind this event has continued to grow. Tony Jia, co-founder of Subtle Asian Party and producer of YouTube Channel “Asian Boss”, was also asked by the BEAUZ brothers to assist with amplifying this event. Subtle Asian Party is known for its events in Echostage, Soundcheck, and various major venues in the capital region. Tony Jia is delighted at being presented the opportunity to bring this event across the country to students of various universities in the nation’s capital.

“Over here in the DC capital region the nightlife family has been trying to stay active in creative ways. Things are very different now than just a few months ago when we had Beauz perform for us in D.C’s Ultrabar. When Johan reached out to me about this project with Elliott I was very excited, as was the Subtle Asian Party family. Our team of promoters are made up of students/alumni/professionals from each of the region’s universities. We are excited to join hands with BEAUZ and Blockeley to bring this event to the stuck-at-home party people on the east coast.”

Tony Jia

Blockeley Music Festival is truly an event unlike any other. Combining innovative technology, music, and creative amplification to help reach students all across from Northern California to DC and the world. Do not miss this incredible Graduation Ceremony event on May 16th – 17th. Congrats to the Class of 2020!

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