OMFG NYE: A New Year’s Getaway

Photos via LED Presents | Written by Mark Apuzzo

Mind blowing as it seems, 2020 is just around the corner and we all know what that means—New Years Eve. The mention of this night creates such a flurry of thoughts and emotions in people. Some are eager to end this year and start over, a fresh year with a fresh slate. Others look towards it with worry and concern, fearful of what the future may bring. But, for us tried and true music lovers, we know that New Year’s Eve is a gold mine for amazing shows and festivals. The treasure trove did not disappoint this year with the prospect that OMFG! NYE provides us with. So here’s why you should be packing your bags for OMFG in San Diego this December 30th and 31st and head to one of the best new year’s festivals around:

Who couldn’t say no to sunny San Diego?

Coming up with your end of the year plans can be a major hassle. You have to decide between so many options: What do we want to do? Where should we go? One of the best places you could spend your New Year’s is in the beautiful, balmy city of San Diego. You could spend your days and nights bundled up tight. Or you could be relaxing on one of the many beaches San Diego has to offer. Plus the weather at a relaxing 67 degrees during the winter? This works out perfectly with OMFG! which is set up later at night from 9pm to 4am. You can spend your whole day and evening exploring what the city has to offer. Then you can return to your hotel or airbnb and have plenty of time to get ready before the show.

Speaking of the show, LED Presents has put together a lineup for this year that will make your jaw hit the floor.

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Bass and House lovers will be ecstatic to see headliners on Day 1. There’s everyone’s favorite deep, dark Space Mom Rezz coupled with one of the OG’s of weird, space bass Space Jesus. The “space” theme doesn’t persist through the whole night, but the other stellar acts of the night include a “Good Faith” DJ set from Madeon and the Gud Vibrations from the dynamic duo, SLANDER. The other acts for the 30th include Drezo, Anna Lunoe, and Peekaboo

And since the holidays are the season of giving, this OMFG! just keeps on giving for Day 2.

The lineup for the 31st is just as amazing as the first day. House music, in all its different facets will be present this night. From the Pop House stylings of Cash Cash to the heavy Bass House of GG Magree, edm fans are sure to get their fill throughout this jam-packed night. Other acts include Droeloe, OMFG! veteran Said the Sky, and Good Times Ahead aka GTA. All these amazing acts have made their name in the scene for many years. Any one of these artists could ring in my new year, and I would be over the moon for the midnight countdown artist to be Kayzo or Virtual Self. But let that sink in for a second. You could spend your New Year’s Eve at some Aunt’s house drinking wine, or you could start your 2020 immersed in the captivating virtual audio world created by these incredible artists!

Plus, you can never go wrong with indoor shows during the winter.

This world will be created inside the Pechanga Arena located in the Midway district, just west of Ocean Beach. This state-of-the-art arena is equipped to fully melt your brain in all the best ways. Pechanga has been around for 50 years and has been voted as one of the best arenas in the States, so if you’re gonna go to an indoor show, this is the spot you want to be at. Arena’s tend to have the capacity to produce some of the most impressive and immersive visual displays you can get. Lighting designers are able to work with the whole room not just a single, flat stage so they are able to do things you never usually get at outdoor venues. Aside from enough lasers and lights to appeal to even the most intense visual cravings, their top end sound system will be sure to blow your socks off, no matter how cool they are. There’s not a bad seat in the house, and what better way to start a new year than surrounded by 15,000 amazing people all dancing their hearts out to some of the best music the electronic scene has to offer.

You can’t go wrong making OMFG! NYE your 2020 New Year’s Eve plans this year.

The location is to die for, the lineup is insane, and the venue is one of the best around. What more could you ask for? So grab your friends, lovers, or just your bag and dancing shoes and make this New Year’s Eve an unforgettable one. You can buy tickets here and check out this playlist to get yourself pumped for the party. See you there!

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