Midoca Releases ‘Dry The Rose’, A Farewell To Who He Knew

Chaz Treharne, aka Midoca, is an LA producer that creates music full of melodic vocals and ambient sounds, with the storylines focused on past experiences. Raised by an addict and into a relationship that collapsed on him, Midoca has transferred his learning experiences into his recent music project. 2019 has been an ever-changing year with his Beautiful Story EP released earlier in the year followed by his most recent, Dry The Rose.

Dry The Rose is his project of reflection, pain, and growth over the past few years. As the vocals reflect on the goodbye of an ending, the emotional, sympathetic five-track EP is a life lesson for us all. Midoca states,

“I’ve spent a few years now in therapy learning about myself and what led me to having the perspective I had of myself and what I was deserving of.”

Dry The Rose

An open testament to modern relationships and the struggles in conforming to them, Midoca’s EP is reflective and sincere. Love, love lost, and the ultimate understanding set the tone of the EP from start to finish. Midoca expresses:

“For so long, I made an identity out of the things in my life that I didn’t know how to change, I just became them. I felt like I was watching myself exist in a room but from behind the glass, like I was simply not there. I feel different now; better. I’m learning to let go and see the beauty of the things in the past.” 

Kicking off the love story is “Behind The Glass,” which is a soft, instrumental intro that leads into vocals expressing the hard upcoming of Midoca and how he’s learning to let go. The lyrics “I’m learning how to let go and see the beauty of the things in the past” close the intro, leading into “Dry The Rose.”

“Dry The Rose” performs the story of the significant other actually leaving the other. Stating “I can’t believe that you would leave/Can’t comprehend that this could end.” A sad story that so many can relate to, the artist leads into a more upbeat sound of “I Can’t Keep Up With You.” Changing the energy into more melodic dance, this track reflects on one being strong enough to put another in their place.

“Something More Than This” focuses on wanting something more. The hardships of a relationship with one knowing that there may be love, but accepting that there is something more out there for one another. The empathetic sounds fall into the concluding message of the EP as a “Thank You” from the artist. Expressing that the past hardships he went through were everything he needed to climb out of the darkness he was once in.

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