David Starfire Talks More Behind ‘Future Self’, Benefit Compilation and More. [Interview]

Influencer and creator in the global bass scene, David Starfire,  has just recently released his latest EP, Future Self. His sound stems from areas such as Bulgaria, the Middle East, Australia, India and Africa, combining dubstep, trap and global bass sounds altogether. In a recent interview with the squad, Starfire was able to tell us more about his design process, benefit compilation and future goals with the EP release.

Cheyanne with FS: Thank you for taking the time to connect with Festival Squad and congratulations on the new EP.

What was your inspiration and influence behind Future Self?

David Starfire: The idea behind Future Self was to create music that was a culmination of all of my life and musical experiences. Growing up I was in a school symphony, jazz, band, marching band, rock band and was into electronic music. I’ve traveled around the world recording musicians and have been creating music my entire life. I wanted to bring it all together and the main focus for the sound of the EP was to have a big cinematic feel.

FS: You have three collaborations on the EP with Bulgarian and Mumbai vocalists, a master oud player, and an Australian world-renown didgeridoo player. Tell us a little more about your relationships with them.

David Starfire: I’m fortunate to know and have collaborated with the musicians on the EP. Sonja Alexandra Drakulich, from the band Stellamara, who sings on the track “Izgrejala,” I’ve been friends with her for years and we had been talking about a collaboration for some time. She’s also in the tight-knit West Coast underground scene, where a lot of artists perform at the same fests and meet each other. Jef Stott is someone that I knew when I lived in San Francisco and we were on the same label at the time, Six Degrees Records. I’ve always loved his oud playing and knew he would be perfect for “Oscho.” To complement the oud, I enlisted my friend Ganga Giri from Australia. I met him at Shambhala Fest in Canada and we hit it off right away, having collaborated before. Shri is someone that I’ve worked with many times and I met her when she was in a band that performed at Symbiosis years ago. She can sing in 3 languages and is up and coming in her own right in India.

David Starfire

FS: What has been one of the most rewarding things you have been able to take away from the Future Self tour up to this point?

David Starfire: The fans have been amazing, and there is a great vibe and so much love on the dance floor. I really appreciate my fans and get so much energy from them when performing on stage. The smaller towns are more appreciative than the bigger cities. There are better scenes in smaller cities these days. It seems the underground vibe is concentrated in smaller cities that are more counter-culture.

FS: In addition to the EP, you have recently released a benefit compilation where 100% of net proceeds went to funding an after-school music education program. Can you tell us a little more behind your effort in wanting to do something this incredible? Where can people find more information on the program and where is it being held?

David Starfire: The Circulate Vol. 1 compilation was an amazing project that SOOHAN and I spearheaded. The idea was to give awareness to the Global Bass music scene from around the world and to raise money for Beyond the Grade, which provides lessons and instruments to under-served kids in Austin. I met them and saw what they were doing, and they were the perfect grassroots organization that we were looking for. I feel that more artists should give back and unfortunately, we don’t see much of happening. I hope to inspire other artists to give back. You can go to their website to donate and find out more.

FS: You have completed numerous accomplishments throughout the years including but not limited to, headlining public and private shows, world-known festival performances, features on TV, movies, and video games, and much more. What are some new goals you hope to accomplish with your music over the next few years?

David Starfire: I’m working on a sound healing album, app, and VR experience with the mission to heal people. I’m already healing people through my dance music by helping them escape their lives and let it all go during a concert, but I wanted something more guided and direct that people can use in their homes. I’m also going to be producing music for film and my new EP reflects that with the huge cinematic strings and drums. I’m working on collaborations with some really big artists and feel really great about the future!

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