Bass Coast Festival Freezes Capacity at 2019 Levels For 2020

Written by Dianissa Boigues
Photos by Free Burds Photography

Yes, you read the title correctly! From July 10-13, Bass Coast has made the executive decision to have a max capacity of 6500 attendees. The lucky attendees will be partaking in an amazing innovative art & music festival!

The decision to limit capacity is based on the festivals’ core curatorial values to “get better, not bigger”. Marketing Director Robbie Slade stated that the festivals’ focus has always been to provide the max value for the cost. Capping attendance would help the Bass Coast team focus on preserving the quality of experience for all who attend.

The reality is that the festival grounds utilized for Bass Coast can hold MANY more attendees but, it is uncertain if the artist owned & operated event will continue to freeze capacity going forward. Co-founder Andrea Graham has stated that “As a boutique event, we aim to provide an exceptional experience for everyone on site from attendees, to artists, to volunteers, to suppliers.” With freezing capacity for 2020, the Bass Coast team can focus on all the attention to detail that it takes to make Bass Coat festival the Amazing Boutique festival that it is.

The festival is committed to reducing our collective environmental footprint. In an effort to encourage carpooling and help to reduce emissions, vehicle passes will now be required. Pricing will be from $49 to $69 depending on the vehicle (more info at  West Coast Environmental Law will receive a $5 donation from each vehicle pass sold. The organization will use the donations to tackle environmental challenges. Amongst other changes, there will be payment plan options available that will allow attendees to pay off their tickets in either three, six or nine months.

Tickets to Bass Coast 2020 will be available on October 18th at 10am PST.

See you on the dance floor!

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