Bluetech Drops a Sound Design Masterpiece, ‘Holotrope’

Bluetech is back with his new LP, Holotrope, after hitting the charts earlier this year with Sci-Fi Lullabies. The four-part LP takes listeners through an experience of descending, expanding, ascending and integrating within his music. Combining ambient, creative modular synthesis and dub house, Bluetech designs a journey of sound design.


Evan Bartholomew, aka Bluetech, has touched down in many realms of the creative industry for over 20 years. He has over 27 album/EP releases and has scored a range of video games and films. Through sound design, he has become a master in his work of art.

At a young age, Bluetech began learning and performing the piano which introduced him into the music scene. As both a solo artist and producer, he has built a portfolio unlike any other. Through graphic design, 3D animation and scoring for film and television, there’s no doubt his music belongs on the charts.


Holotrope, released on Behind The Sky Music, consists of twelve tracks allowing listeners to swim within four distinct mixed journeys. Each side focuses on 3 tracks of movement and intertwines a different sound design than the others.

Part 1, Descending, kicks off the LP with the melodic interplay of “Stone, River & Shadow.” Mixing in the jazzy vibes, “Afterimage Flare” carries into the space-hop track of “Turning Inside Out.”

Part 2, Expanding, does just that. It expands listeners further into Bluetech’s sound creation entering into the therapeutic “Blisswave 2.0.” Mixing the nature-like sounds of the forest within upbeat melodies, “Seeing With The I” continues into “Heart Logic.”

Part 3, Ascending, kicks off with “Spectral Currents” which also has a new official music video taking place within the ocean environment. Continuing the growth of the serpentine path through every deep state of being, “Astral Cartography” and “Eyes Within Wheels” complete the third side.

Part 4, Integrating, brings the emotion to a complete meditation through the dubwise fx manipulation sound design of “Dissolution By Proxy.” Two melodic tracks, “Awakening / Serpents Tail” and “The Beginning is in the End” conclude the Holotrope LP.

Spectral Currents

The artist also dropped his new music video for his track “Spectral Currents” off the new LP. Take a look as Bluetech focuses on the environment of the coastline and tropical atmosphere in the video.

Bluetech has reached #10 album on Billboard Dance/Electronic Charts in May of 2019. Sci-Fi Lullabies was #1 on Bandcamp in February of 2019 and he was also featured on the cover of Electronic Sound magazine, issue no. 57. There is no doubt that Bluetech has made a name for himself through his production and mastermind of sound. 

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