Everything but the Music: Bass Center XII

Featured Photo: Don Idio

Is everybody in? There are only a few short days until we turbo blast into the 12th annual Bass Center event for Labor Day weekend! To our delight, the time has come to return to the mothership yet again. Bass Center is more than just music. Rather, it is a community gathering and inspiration playground. The vision from the beginning revolves around engaging environments. The beautiful madness has been brewing for almost a decade for this event.

In the Beginning 

Back in 2010, the first Bass Center came into existence in the one and only Colorado. Before starting his DJ career, Lorin always had a love for curating events. In the 90’s he would throw full moon beach parties and underground raves in warehouses. Lorin has a long-time interest in throwing shows for small groups of fanatics who gravitate towards underground music. 

The first rave he threw was in a 300 person warehouse with tons of free water and tea, free art centers, massages and more. Lorin describes himself as “a creative mind who is excited by the thought of gathering people into a space and conducting experiments in how well they can get along, how deeply they can be inspired, and how thoroughly they can carry their inspiration out with them into everyday life after the event is over.”

The Atmosphere

Bassnectar curated events are special, one of a kind places. Upon arrival, you can feel the warmth from the community instantly. Bass Center is one of my favorite Bassnectar event for many reasons, one of them being the festival atmosphere from the moment you arrive in The Lots. This area features various vendors, food trucks, live art, non-profit area, donation centers, music stage and more. In my opinion, this is the best way to set the tone for the night to come. You are instantly overfilled with joy from meeting new friends and catching up with old ones. Flow arts and sharing your own art and music is always welcome. 

In addition to good music, art and food before the main event happens, there are also some of kindest humans you will encounter. Every Bassnectar gathering I have attended I am always gifted with beautiful stickers, temporary tattoos, heartfelt messages on business cards and more. One thing I learned pretty early on about the Bassnectar community is the level of creativity and kind-heartedness these humans hold inside of them.

The Haven & The Gift Alter

A fan favorite of Bassnectar gatherings is The Haven and The Gift Alter. The Haven is a place to relax and engage before the show. The Haven includes live artists, Ambassador projects, snacks and drinks, and more! This space is also a place fans can go if they become overwhelmed at any point or need to step out for some air.

The Gift Alter lives in The Haven and is exactly as it sounds. This is a place where gifts and trinkets can be found. Items include paintings, previous event wristbands, fan-made books, inspirational printed business cards, and more. The Gift Alter follows the concept of leave something, take something. You never know what type of gems you can find here! 

Photo by Ashley Elizabeth featuring her Remembrance Alter

Community Events & Meetups

Bass Network came to life a few years back to help make a difference in the world. Typically, Bass Network will team up with the Bassnectar non-profit, Be interactive, for donation drives. For this year’s Bass Center, there will be a Feminine Health Drive. Each day of the event, Ambassadors will be collecting items in The Lots to be given to students. For more information go to the Facebook event.

Keep an eye out for some of the meetups that will be occurring during the weekend including the Love Here meetup at 5pm Sunday in The Lots. More details to come soon!


As always, there will be a flood of roaming Ambassadors at Bass Center. Be sure to get to the venue early to check out the curated Ambassador projects. You can find Ambassadors in The Lots, The Haven, and roaming around with free water! The easiest way to locate Ambassadors is from their white Bassnectar t-shirts, they will always be there to make you feel comfortable and well-hydrated. 

Photo by Erin Kelly
Photo by Ian MC

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