4 Items to Enhance your Festival Experience

Featured Photo: Chris Taylor 

I have been going to festivals for a couple of years now. The first festival I attended I was so unprepared. I had no idea what to bring! I remember a friend had told me that every festival you attend you will learn something new, and I believe that fully. Often times, it’s the small items on the packing list that make your experience all the more enjoyable. Below is a list of some of my favorite items that enhance the music festival experience. For the most part, these items are allowed at local shows as well! I usually bring the majority of them with me whenever I’m at a music event.


Fans deserve to be at the top of the list for so many reasons. Number one, it wasn’t until about a year and a half ago that I came to the understanding of the importance of a fan. Crowds get HOT. My fan has become my lifeline at local shows and music festivals! In addition, fans serve as a great way to make new friends. If you start fanning someone mid-set they will instantly tell you how much they love you because everyone feels the heat of the crowds, trust me. This method is tried and true.

Photo by Amanda Cosenza


The rise of pashmina culture continues to increase. There are a few reasons why I love pashminas. For one, they serve as great warmth when the sun goes down at a music festival and it gets a little bit chilly. Another reason why I enjoy pashminas so much is that you are able to create your own mini-world. For someone who experiences crowd anxiety at times like myself, I can easily pull my pashmina forward to make my viewing perspective on the stage and not everyone around me. Lastly, they are a great addition to pull together a festival look. I have seen so many gorgeous pashminas at festivals. These also serve as a talking point to make friends and find out which festival they got theirs from. 

Photo by Amanda Cosenza


We can all agree that everyone loves pictures. I always love how trends from a few decades ago resurfaces. Polaroid cameras are always a hit! There have been times at shows and festivals where a stranger will randomly offer to take a polaroid of my friends and give it to us to keep. It’s a small gesture that means so much and creates amazing memories!

In addition to polaroid cameras, I have recently re-discovered my love for disposables cameras. A friend of mine had brought a few to a Red Rocks show and there was so much nostalgia. Disposable cameras also have their own unique filter and look which makes for aesthetically pleasing photos!

Photo by Amanda Cosenza


Another conversation starter is creative totems! Honestly, totems serve so many purposes. I would just like to take a moment and thank all the totem pole holders in everyone’s group. It’s quite a task to hold onto a totem for a whole festival, so just know you are so appreciated if you are the designated totem pole holder.

Likewise, regardless if you are apart of the squad for the totem, everyone benefits from these mainly for being a great reference point to locate your friends in a sea of people. Lastly, totems are oftentimes hilarious. They also serve as a conversation starter to meet new friends! [Notice the theme here, all of these items help create the loving, friendly communities that festivals hold]

Photo by Don Idio

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