Slow Magic Releases First Series of ‘Dreams Pt. 1’

Slow Magic just released his first installment of his single-double project, Dreams Pt. 1. The two tracks, “Daydream” and “when it rains but the sun is out too”, dive deep into the immersive experience he has created. Both tracks fulfill an experience around the sun as lyrics drift among the instrumental haze.

“Daydream” kicks off the lyrical A-side as it takes you through the daydream of romanticized thoughts.  Dive deep into the mind as Julianne Hope sings soft vocals over the symphonies of uplifting synths. Reminiscing on a missing love, Hope sings “I wish you were in my bed. Can’t get your face out of my head.” The electronic, pop track kicks off the dream vs. reality of Slow Magic’s vision. 

The B-side falls into the instrumental track, “when it rains but the sun is out too.” While combining somber acoustic instrumentation with the signature Slow Magic sounds, you’ll find yourself falling into your own thoughts. 

The two tracks are just the first part of his six songs total. In a recent interview with Billboard, Slow Magic states “Dreams represents this new beginning and new freedom.” As the artist continues to experiment with his talent, he is transforming his diverse and meanginful illusions into reality. 

Slow Magic

As an electronic artist, Slow Magic creates and experiments with the methodic and the ever-changing emotion of sound. With over 100 million streams, the iconically masked Slow Magic always performs a production of art. From live performances to the artistic ability behind the visual display, Slow Magic continues to sell out shows worldwide. 

slow magic europe

Slow Magic started his journey with his debut album, Triangle. The eight track album consists of his well-known songs, “Corvette Cassette” and “Feel Flows.” After the debut album release, he began touring with artists such as ODESZA, Giraffage, and XXYYXX. In the meantime, he was getting recognition for his remixes for ODESZA, Gold Panda, and Delorean. 

In 2014, Slow Magic released the album How To Run Away on Downtown Records with his tracks “Waited 4 U,” “Girls,” and “Closer.” His next album , Float, released in 2018 with his popular single, “Mind” feat. Kate Boy. The album is also home to “Skeleton Pink,” “Belong 2 Me” feat. Peter Silberman, and “Light” feat. Tropics.  

While Slow Magic has worked with several highly known artists, he has designed a strong, unique name for himself in the electronic scene. In 2018, he made a performance at Coachella and a Northern American tour with the indie electronic artist, Shallou, as well as his European tour.

Be sure to keep up with Slow Magic on bandcamp for new releases!

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