Can We Melt Yet? Your Summer Meltdown Guide

Cover photo by Jason Charme Photography and courtesy of Summer Meltdown’s Official Website

Summer Meltdown is right around the corner and here’s what everything you need to know about one of my favorite festivals. Located in Darrington, Washington,- in the middle of the evergreens and framed by snowcapped mountains,- this festival looks to be plucked out of a storybook. Instead of dragons and Prince Charming, you’ll find incredible music and the friendliest crowd of new friends.

Last year was my first year and I was blown away by the lineup, venue, intimate size, river and the new friends I befriended. In fact, I’m going with a good friend I met there last year! With only one group performing at a time on one of the two main stages you won’t have to miss artists. The late night tent also has a silent disco, which is always a fun time. This year’s costume theme for Saturday is: Animals! Dress to impress!

Which animal will you choose?
Photo courtesy of Summer Meltdown’s Website and taken by Jason Charme Photography

House Party or Festival?

Being a passionate festival goer, I’ve been to festivals of all sizes and can honestly say I much prefer the smaller festivals. With a crowd of around 5,000, gone are the ridiculously packed crowds which make it impossible to navigate, long bathroom lines, longer security lines, inability to see the stage and all of the headaches that come with larger festivals. Bassnectar headlined last year and was one of the most incredible shows I’ve ever seen. Given the size of the crowd, it felt like he was playing a house party, not a festival. I can confidently say I’ll never be that close to him again– I even made his family photo! We could walk right up to the rail, had we wanted to. Not that I want to ride the rail, but it’s nice to have the option!

What a view from the Cabin Stage
Photo courtesy of Summer Meltdown’s Website and taken by Jason Charme Photography

Beat the Heat on the River

During the day you won’t have to sweat it out at your campsite thanks to the river. A short walk from the campground, the river offers a way to cool down and rejuvenate your dancing muscles. Every day last year my group splashed around with a flock of floaties while we waited for the sun to set. I honestly can’t think of a better way to spend the day at a festival, honestly.

Living my best life on the river last year.
Photo courtesy of Summer Meltdown’s Website

Sunday is for BACON

Each year on Sunday, it’s tradition to head down to the river for beats and BACON. That’s right, producers throw down while someone makes and hands out bacon. Not all heroes wear capes. It’s important to note that this isn’t a sanctioned Summer Meltdown event, but get yourself to the river on Sunday morning.

Karen’s Artists Not to Miss

Clozee has been wowing crowds across the world with her fresh World Bass sound. Her music transcends bass music and folds new sounds seamlessly into intricate songs. There’s no denying her talent as she has throws down dreamy, melodic notes one moment and then hit you with the filthiest, grimiest beats the next. Artists who can do both are exceptionally talented and play the best sets, in my opinion.

G Jones will undoubtedly bring the hype to the forest. Having worked with the industry’s best, such as Bassnectar, RL Grime and DJ Shadow, G Jones delivers bass that will shake your soul. Rolling Stone hails G Jones as “a studio wizard” and DJ Shadow says he’s “the most gifted Ableton beatmaker I’ve ever seen.” I had the pleasure of seeing him open for Bassnectar at his NYE 360 Event last year in Greensboro, NC and he did not disappoint.

I discovered High Step Society at last year’s Meltdown and couldn’t believe my ears as they started playing. Think dubstep meets electroswing meets funk and you’ll get High Step Society. Not a single soul could resist bumping and grooving to the vocalists’ honeyed tones and bold, brass bossy sound of the horns. They have created a new take on electroswing with just the right amount of bass and dubby vibes for a sound all their own. Please, please do not miss these guys!

Join me August 1-4th at Summer Meltdown to soak up the sun on the river and dance under the evergreens. I promise you won’t regret it!

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