Holly Woods: Making Her Sound Heard

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Sunset Music Festival was Holly Woods’ first ever music festival five years ago. From then on, she was hooked on EDM and the idea of making music herself. This year, she came full circle by playing Sunset Music Festival as Holly Woods. Holly Woods is a music project she’s been working on for about two and a half years. “It was a real ‘wow’ moment for me,” says Rachel Woods AKA Holly Woods.

Holly Woods

Since her first music festival back in 2014, Rachel has grown more and more into producing her own music and seeing her dreams come true. Over the past two and a half years, Rachel has seen the expansion of her fan base as she develops her sound more and develops into the artist she wants to be.

Getting Started in EDM

Hailing from New Orleans, Rachel was raised on country music but dove into the EDM scene once she moved to Florida.

“Florida has a really big festival scene with Ultra and EDC, so I got into it during my teenage years when I first moved here,” says Rachel.

Coming from a musical family, music has always been a huge part of Holly Woods’ life. Growing up, her mom always played the violin which inspired her incorporation of the violin in her music.

“My mom played the violin and I always wanted to learn how to play myself. It’s always been my favorite sound and so when I started making this really melodic music, that’s when I decided to buy a violin and record it and put it in my songs,” says Rachel. “From that, I was able to play pretty decent melodies so I started bringing it out during sets.”

Holly Woods

Developing Her Sound

Holly Woods’s sound started as melodic bass and has transformed into what she describes as “cinematic future bass”. When making music, Rachel loves the process of just seeing what happens and what she can come up with organically. It’s how she got started making music, so it’s a process that holds a special place in her art. 

“Starting out, I didn’t really have a process. It was just like ‘let’s see what happens’,” says Rachel. Now, she is working on putting together pieces to ultimately make a more cohesive piece of work.

“Things are falling into place and I hope to be making music that encompasses what I want to be known for in a year from now,” says Rachel. “I want to have my own tour with my own visuals, and really bring up the people that I believe in.”

With her diverse and melodic sound that she’s developing everyday, keep your eye out for Holly Woods.

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