Soul Clap is Bringing The Afterparty to Detroit Movement

House of Efunk in Detroit is bringing in a night of artistic movement. Saturday, May 25, join Soul Clap for the afterparty of the city’s very own Detroit Movement. Held at the TV Lounge, the venue will fill with electronic artists, visual creators, and a very special guest.  

Live performances will take place by Dopplereffekt, vocalist Sha-Lor, Garret David, and Pirahnahead. Native of the Detroit City, Stacey Dullen, Dan Bain, and Punisher will perform as well. In addition to the music, visual artist Natasha Tomchin will captivate the experience. She’ll be performing her kaleidoscope reality of art through what most know as Digital Dreamscapes. 

To keep the energy elevated at an all time high, House of Efunk will be presenting a special guest throughout the night. While prepping for the weekend of the summer in Detroit, here are three artists to add to your Soundcloud playlist. 

Joe Claussell

Raised in New York, Joe Claussell found a love with house music through a series of environments. He’s known for many tracks including “Eno (Melodic Dub)” mix and “Escravos de Jo (Robust Home).”

Claussell has music out on his very own label, Spiritual Life Music, Barely Breaking Even and more. Joe Claussell also created Sacred Rhythm Party. This is designed to bring house and live musicians together.

Lee Curtiss

The techno and house producer is a Michigan native who grew up on the west side. As he grew stronger in the music community, he found himself relocated to Detroit. He continued to learn and perform in his unique techniques with producing and writing music. Curtis makes music with a strong influence from artists like Prince, Quincy Jones, and underground disco.

He has music out on Spectral Sound, Get Physical, Dumb-Unit and more. As a native from Michigan, he is far from shy to the rest of the world. Spending quite some time creating and playing music in Berlin, he’s made a few trips around the world. His most recent track was just released this January, “For Your Mind.”

Soul Clap 

The biggest dynamic duo of the night. The shining stars bringing together a lineup of incredible artists for a wild Saturday night. Soul Clap originated back in 2001 from the city of Boston. Eli Goldstein, known as Bamboozle, and Charles Levine, known as Lonely C, will be celebrating their six year anniversary of the Efunk afterparty. 

The two run Soul Clap Records back in Boston as well. The record label holds artists such as Wolf + Lamb, Night Plane, Nick Monaco and more. Their most recent release is from this last March consisting of two tracks on Jupiter Crush. They are also known for their top tracks “Baker Man” Remix and “Need Your Lovin.” 

In their very own words via Spotify, “Soul Clap time travels on a musical spaceship of dopeness.”

Soul Clap’s House of Efunk afterparty will be one for the books. Performing hours of music throughout the night, fans will be watching the sunrise above the TV Lounge. There’s no better way to celebrate house music like dancing your way through the night with some who have made a large impact. 

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