PURGE Talks About Mental Health On “Never Let This Go” [Interview]

PURGE released their new music video for “Never Let This Go” feat. Deiv. The new releases takes a stand on mental health and other social issues so many are dealing with today. While not the easiest to watch, “Never Let This Go” expresses the deep understanding that depression, suicide, and mental health is real.

Using music as a platform while addressing the cause, PURGE states: 

“I’ve always set out to do more than just music. Music has always been the platform for me to have a voice and to bring awareness to social issues and especially mental health. This video and song are the first of many projects that I want to express awareness of mental health and other social issues that everyday people go through. The initial reaction we got from the video was that it was pretty hard to watch but that’s the reality of people’s lives. It’s something I went through when I was younger and it’s something I’m extremely passionate about spreading awareness about. Our goal is to reach at least one person and help at least one person struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts.”

Whether the video reaches one person or hundreds, “Never Let This Go” is just the beginning of using music to help the process of healing. PURGE and Deiv both express how important it is to understand that things get better. Both with past experiences dealing with depression and life circumstances, they use their voice to prove there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Speaking on past experience, Deiv states:

“I wrote and recorded this song in one night. One of those days when you’re really feeling what you’re writing. I had a family member that had gone through a terrible accident and almost cost him his life, but right before that he was going through so much, this was the culmination of years of suffering from different things. I wrote this song to let him know that things were going to get better, to not give up, and to know that no matter what I wasn’t giving up on him. I just hope this video can at least reach one person, if we can help just a single person, our mission was a success. For those reading this, I want you to know that life does get better, I’m not sure what you’re going through, and I can’t tell you I’ve been there, but know that there are a ton of humans that love you unconditionally, and that together we can get through the hardest of times.”

The music video shows real life scenarios that reflect the raw and dark moments of someone battling with depression. Expressing the feeling of being lost and not having answers, the artists shows that love and compassion is real. You are not alone. 

Check out what the artist behind the production had to say and how PURGE is set out to help anyone battling with mental health.

Cheyanne with Festival Squad: How did you two connect and decide to create “Never Let This Go” together?

PURGE: Deiv and I have known each other for awhile. Both of our bands played shows together and we just remained friends on facebook over the years. I took interest in his musical adventures after our bands and saw he was pursuing electronic music. I just thought his singing and his chord progressions were out of the world. Never Let This Go was the first song we created together from that. 

FS: The video is very real and to some, could be very difficult to watch. As you have mentioned, it is the reality of people’s lives. What has the reaction been towards the song and video? What were your main intentions while creating the video that others would take away from it?

PURGE: The response we’ve been getting is mostly positive. The goal was to ultimately spread awareness to people who DON’t suffer from mental health issues and make those people aware that they might have friends close to them who are suffering and may need help. People who don’t suffer from mental health issues could hopefully see the seriousness of having someone close to you that suffers. It was also important for us to show sufferers that they’re not alone. There are people out there who you can communicate with and have hope with. You don’t have to do it alone.

FS: As artists, you have both used your platform to bring awareness to an issue many are dealing with today. If open to speak about it, have either of you been through a period of time where you’ve experienced depression? If so, to help and give hope to others reading this, how were you able to see the light at the end of the tunnel and what life changes did you make to reach a healthier state of mind?

PURGE: When I was younger, I suffered pretty severely from depression, self-mutilation and a really terrible drug/alcohol addiction. It took a lot of growing to really heal. I had to learn about hope. I had to find what I loved in life. For me, it was audio engineering and working to build a future where I could have a platform to truly help people. I originally went to school for film but switched majors when I discovered audio engineering. I don’t know what it was that drew me to it but I just love the science of audio engineering. Once I discovered that about myself, the next step was to build a career out of it. When you love what you do and you build a plan to make that a career, it gives you so much purpose. I think it’s super crucial to surround yourself with people that want to see you better. You don’t want to be around people that are enabling negative behavior. I, unfortunately, lost a lot of friends when I transitioned away from my drug addiction but it was the most positive thing I could’ve done. I would’ve just kept falling back into those habits if I kept those people around.


FS: At the end of the video, Dare G Llewellyn quote appears “Just being there for someone can sometimes bring hope when all seems hopeless.” Do you have a significant connection or reasoning as to why you chose this direct quote?

PURGE: I just love how simple this sentence is. There’s nothing poetic about it, it just is. That’s what gives it so much power to me. Hopefully, other people feel that same power and I hope it sticks. There’s no limit on how much you can be there for someone who needs it.

FS: Do either of you have present or future goals you’re working on for mental health and helping others? Besides “Never Let This Go” can your fans expect more from you in the near future?

PURGE: Absolutely. I really wanted to bring awareness to human trafficking, as well. It just really has to go with the specific song or project. These really aren’t things that I just want to throw at people. I would love to attach it to my art. I think it will be received and absorbed more substantially when it’s attached to a median that more people are accepting of. Eventually, I would love to get to a point where I would have enough influence to just do these things.

FS: As many know, we have lost some extraordinary artists to depression and suicide. For anyone dealing with mental health within the music industry directly, what advice would you give that helps them find direction in taking care of themselves and self love first.

PURGE: It’s so extremely unfortunate to see people suffer from depression and than even more so when someone takes their life. It may seem like some people have it all but deep down, they don’t have anyone or any hope. You can have all the money in the world but if you don’t have hope, it’s hard to say where life goes. I love music. I feel like music is a part of my DNA but I would never shut people out for it. A lot of people do that. It seems really unhealthy. I really hope that other people in the industry are still making time to make real human connections and just taking the time to love people. It’s not all about business and being great. It’s about being healthy and having a positive future. You should think about leaving behind a positive legacy for people to follow. There are some relationships that we have with people that are based on business but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve your love, as well. 


FS: To Write Love on Her Arms is a non-profit organization that helps people struggling with addiction, depression and thoughts of suicide. As someone who works in the industry, this is an organization I see often. Do you know of any other organizations that others may not know about that they could also turn to?

PURGE: To Write Love on Her Arms is such an inspiring company in the field. I feel like they genuinely care about getting people help. They have resources on their website that help people find affordable help in almost every zip code. Truthfully, there are a bunch of foundations and charities that dedicate their time to doing this but unfortunately, they do not have the platform to bring their names and missions to mainstream media. Companies like TWLOHA are doing this for them. I do wish it was even bigger though. I don’t feel like people are doing enough to bring awareness to the issues. I would love to grow my influence to be able to bring mental health to the forefront of social issues. People should not be taking their lives. It’s so extremely unfortunate and I think something can and should be done to help people with it.

FS: You both have created a phenomenal message towards mental health and have brought awareness through “Never Let This Go” both in the song and video. I believe it is truly an amazing thing you both are working towards in wanting to help others. What is one thing you would say to anyone battling suicidal and depression today?

PURGE: Just have hope. You’re not alone. Don’t stop reaching out to people. Surround yourself in positive environments and positive people. Help is so close. Do not give up. Life is hard but it’s worth it. I promise. The world needs you.


If you or anyone you know is suffering from issues like this, please call the National Suicide Prevention Community: 1-800-273-8255

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