Kaskade’s Opening Redux003 Show in NYC

Feature Photo by Kaskade Official Facebook 

Kaskade is back and with more hype than ever with his recent EP release, Redux003 EP. His fans live for these Redux projects and this one is arguably the best one yet. Redux003 is his longest EP release yet; totaling at a little over an hour long. The EP has 18 tracks with over 16 featured artists! Each song is completely unique and outstanding from the next, truly taking the listener on a uniquely crafted journey. Some songs make me want to dance like ‘Tight’ Ft. Madge, some make me want to cry like ‘My Distance’ or ‘On Your Mind’, and some make me just want to sway back and forth and float into the beautiful sound like ‘I Feel You Sun Soaked Mix’ Ft. ZipZip Through The Night and Penguin Mofex. If you haven’t taken a listen yet, please go do so!

Kaskade is legendary artist not only because of his unprecedented soul warming  music, but even more so because of his long standing dedication and influence to the greater culture and progression of electronic dance music. Kaskade has been producing music and DJing live sets for over 18 years. He has influenced the electronic dance scene and all of its supporters and collaborators for almost two decades. Most importantly he was at the forefront of this booming genre when it was at its peak, laying the groundwork for the likes of Deadmau5, Tiesto, Skrillex, and more.

Kaskade has performs between 150 – 200 shows a year, and has done this for over ten years with shown no sign of slowing down. His love and passion for creativity and performing truly outshines anyone else in the space, I’ve never met anyone that doesn’t truly respect Kaskade for everything that he is and everything he does for this scene. Kaskade was EDM before EDM was EDM, haha. Whenever Kaskade announces a show, it always sells out without fail and of course this past show at Brooklyn Mirage did the same! For those of you on the east coast that didn’t get a ticket, you may want to consider heading over to the West Coast for Kaskade’s next big performance.

If all of this wasn’t enough, Kaskade just announced the lineup for the annual Sun Soaked festival in Long Beach taking place in July. He started this festival in 2017 and it has seen nothing but success year after year. In its first year the festival sold 12k tickets, last year the festival sold 30k tickets in 30mins. The lineup this year includes Logic, Grimes, Ayokay, and many more! You can get tickets here: https://www.kaskademusic.com/.

If you’re on the east coast and didn’t make it out to Sun Soaked or his show at Brooklyn Mirage this past Friday, you can catch him playing a sunset set at Electric Zoo on Friday, August 30th! I hope to see you all there!

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