It’s Almost Time For Dirtybird’s Official Movement Afterparty

There’s no party like a Dirtybird afterparty. Don’t miss one of the most important events of the entire weekend. Dirtybird presents the Official Movement Afterparty on Sunday, May 26. Bert’s Warehouse will have performances from none other than the talented Shiba Son, Will Clarke, and Worthy.

Also known as techno city, it’s almost time for a weekend filled with house music in the heart of Detroit. The city of Detroit explodes into techno music on all streets throughout Memorial Day Weekend. Between pre-parties, the festival, afterparties, and the nonstop grooving- Detroit is the place to be.

Movement has five different stages each with their own unique character. Whether underground, viewing the Detroit River, or surrounded by the ancient architecture, music vibrates through the plaza. Fans look forward to this weekend every year as some have been going since the start of it.

As members of Dirtybird Records, Shiba San, Will Clarke, and Worthy are all artists you won’t want to miss. Get to know the artists as they gear towards getting ready for the Official Movement Afterparty.

Shiba San

Born and raised in Paris, the french artist found a love between hip hop and house music. Through several years of working in the production scene, he became influenced by Chicago House to start creating his own kick of sound. His music is found on labels such as Dirtybird, Suara, and his very own label, Basement Leak. 

Winning over the charts, his track “Okay” has been performed all over the scene. It also won Best Underground Track in 2014, ranked in House Chart’s Top 10, and was number one on Beatport’s House Chart. Shiba Son is also known for his other tracks such as “All I Need,” “Burn Like Fire,” and “What’s On My Mind.”

Will Clarke

Most know him for his masculine beard or the man who loves his cuddles. Will Clarke’s face is far from new within the house scene. The UK artist has been a face of the Dirtybird Records for a few years now. 

Will Clarke has had collaborations with Carl Cox, Shiba San, and the well known Claude VonStroke, one of the founders of Dirtybird. The artist has a monthly radio show called “The Barbershop.” He also is currently working on launching his own streetwear brand and record label. Coming out of the studio, he just released his track “Higher” with Sian and AMOK.


This artist has traveled from one end of the country to the other. Growing up in Washington D.C, he was inspired by the early techno days. Finding himself relocating to New York and then all the way to San Francisco, he’s made a name for himself. 

Worthy is one of the four founding fathers of the Dirtybirdy Party. He has created relationships of all kinds through the scene while making an impact himself. The artist created his own label, Anabatic Records, to have the ability to experiment more of his creative side. In addition, his most recent 2019 release is “OmFa The BoomFa” while his latest album, Disbehave, was released in 2014. 

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