GRiZ – Taking Electronic Dance Music To The Next Level

Feature Photo by Jason Siegel @jsiegelphotography

Last Friday GRiZ took over NYC with a sold out show at Kings Theatre and a sold out afterparty at Schimanski to follow. With his recent release, Ride Waves, he has been gaining a lot of attention, even more than usual. From what I’ve heard, GRiZ’s performances are always extremely high energy and overall promote the entire crowd to get up, groove, and have a good time. This would be my first time seeing GRiZ and I was extremely excited. I am a huge Big Gigantic fan, and I also love other live electronic groups like ODESZA. Similar to them, GRiZ takes electronic dance music to the next level with live instrumentation, sample pads, drum pads, and feature artists. Say goodbye to the world of a DJ spinning tracks behind a booth, electronic music is now a full scale performance. This is something I truly admire and enjoy experiencing live.

Die hard GRiZ fans across the east coast came out for an unforgettable evening with the incredibly talented GRiZ. When I arrived to the venue I was astounded by the number of people outside, I couldn’t believe they would all fit in the venue! I met a lot of people in line and almost none of them were from New York City, they all had travelled from New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, DC, and all over the Northeast. Who could miss seeing GRiZ play a live set and then a DJ set all in one night?

The show at Kings was like none other because the production capability there is insane. Full scale productions take place at Kings all the time because it is a full theatre. For GRiZ to play at this historical and absolutely breathtaking venue was really a dream come true.

The stage design included LED lighting around the entire border of the stage. There was a platform that was three levels high that was also outlined with these LED’s. Behind that was a giant LED screen where GRiZ could display his unique visuals within the LED borders. If that wasn’t enough, the different lights flashing into the crowd sparkled across the golden theater. All of this really highlighted the normal GRiZ experience and took it to the next level. My favorite part about this show was that it was on an incline, for once the short people (like me) had no problem seeing!

GRiZ stood on top of the platform with his sample pad, a microphone, and of course his iconic saxophone.  As always Muzzy Bear was on the guitar and additionally two trumpet players were on each side of the stage. GRiZ also had a beautiful soul singer come out and was featured on songs like ‘Prayer’ and ‘Maybe’ throughout the performance which really made the live performance even more captivating.

This was my first time seeing GRiZ and I was so taken back by his fans, they are truly die hard. I met a lot of people at the show that had seen GRiZ over ten times and said that this was one of their favorite performances yet. Many of his fans were also saying that Ride Waves is, in their opinion, his best album yet! I am so happy that this was my first GRiZ show! Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it to the after party at Schimanski but I heard that GRiZ kept the party going throwing down a hard dubstep set. I can’t wait for my next GRiZ show, I was a fan before but I think I’m becoming a die had fan like the rest of them now. Thanks for the feels, see you next time, GRiZ!

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