Why You Need to be Hitting Up Bay Nites

Photos via Audiotistic
Written by Mark Apuzzo

Festival season is fast approaching. Lineups are dropping left and right that it’s easy to get swept up in planning these grandiose weekends away from reality. You have to decide which festivals you’re going to attend, cross-referencing artists at different events, weighing the costs of going to massive names like EDC or Electric Forest or smaller local festivals. With so many options to choose from and all the details that go into planning these trips, we can often overlook the little single-day events that often fill in the space between these bigger festivals. To tell you the truth I absolutely love single-day events, which is why I’m so excited for Bay Nites. Bay Nites gives you everything you want—dancing and partying all in one day.

What is Bay Nites?

Bay Nites is like a festival but wrapped up into a tasty bite-sized day, presented by Audiotistic of Insomniac Events. This year, artists Flux Pavilion, Rich the Kid, 4B, Yultron, Wax Motif, Diablo and Wenzday will be performing. The event will be taking place in the legendary Bill Graham Civic Auditorium on March 30th.

What’s so great about the venue?

One stage for all the action!

The Bill Graham is the perfect spot to have something like this for a few reasons. First, it removes the need to travel around while at the event. You won’t have to constantly travel between stages to see the acts that you want. With only a single stage to watch, you don’t need to worry about missing sets or trekking a quarter of a mile through massive grounds to get to where you’re going. Instead, you can post up in the best spot you can find and dance the night away without a worry in the world (except for maybe bathroom breaks!).

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The sights and sounds of indoor stages!

On top of the convenience of having only one stage, that stage is decked out to the nines. A venue such as Bill Graham that has hosted many legends will have some excellent tech to go along with it. Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love outdoor shows, but there’s something to be said about the sound quality that comes with indoor venues. You can expect the best quality sound you can get here, coupled with some absolutely stellar light shows. The lights and lasers that are in the auditorium will blow your brain wide open, especially when paired with certain artists who create a full sensory experience, syncing their music perfectly to the lights. A light show is like the second half of a concert that people don’t talk about, but without it a show would be so lacking. Imagine a movie without a soundtrack, it would suck. Now imagine a movie with an epic soundtrack, it magnifies the experience. That’s what the lights at Bill Graham do; they magnify the experience of the concert.

Saturdays are for the boys! ….EVERYONE!

If you’re still not sure you want to go consider this as well, it’s on a Saturday. Normally at events you would have to go back to your work that following Monday morning. With Bay Nites, that’s not a concern. You get to sleep in Saturday morning, rage all night long, and then sleep as much as you want Sunday. With a full day to recuperate from the nights festivities what excuse do you have left not to go? Since it’s not a multi-day festival, you wouldn’t have to worry about triple-digit pricing.

So what are you waiting for!? Go get your tickets here and I’ll see you at Bay Nites.

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