EDC Las Vegas Lineup Breaks the Internet

Photo credit: Jake West for Insomniac

We’re at the 50 day mark and on Tuesday Insomniac rave dad Pasquale Rotella blessed us with the EDC Las Vegas 2019 lineup, with day by day breakouts no less! Bask in the glory below:

Revealed stage by stage in an approximately 1 hour long mega-mix, the EDC lineup announcement takes over rave social media with hopeful attendees tweeting, commenting and posting their artist wish lists until the grand event begins. Pasquale names the stage to be unleashed and a blizzard of seconds-long song clips begin as ravers around the world scramble to scribble down artist names or desperately Shazam each melody. The unique lineup unveiling has become an EDC tradition, with some attendees hosting listening parties or Reddit live streams. Pasquale himself sounds elated throughout the broadcast and the excitement is palpable. See what all the buzz was about:

It’s no secret the EDC lineup is always jam packed with some of the world’s most talented and sought after DJs. What really ignites the internet is the moment a snippet is heard from an artist who hasn’t been seen on the hallowed grounds of EDC in a long time or perhaps ever! Some artist announcements that drummed up the greatest response were Rusko, Deadmau5, Rezz and Excision. Pasquale also touched on which stages will get a redesign as well as a move for trance stage, Quantum Valley, to the other side of Rainbow Road. Trance fans were happy to hear of an expanded stage area as many sets in 2018 had the trance haven busting at the seams.

During the online event, as with most, rave twitter remains undefeated. From clever gifs to straight up savagery, we picked some of our favorite fan reactions to this year’s EDC lineup reveal.

It Got Intense

It Was the Who AND the Where


We’ve Heard Worse Ideas


No Lies Detected


They DID Say All Are Welcome?

Take Us Home! 

The lineup announcement gets us that much closer to evenings (and mornings) spent together under the electric sky. Don’t see your favorite artists? There are still exciting announcements to be made, from art cars that roam the speedway to fun smaller stages like Corona Beach. Aside from the music, each new year welcomes new art installations and interactive performers bopping around the Speedway. Now that people know what’s in store tickets to the event will move even faster! Click here to secure your spot!

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