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The feeling of attending an inaugural event is unmatched. You aren’t really sure what to expect from the entirety of the weekend, which is at least half of the fun of the anticipation. My first-year butterflies are starting to kick in because Ubbi Dubbi is right around the corner!  A new venue, new crowds of people, new food vendors- all the unknowns of a brand new festival. Being held over the last weekend of April, this new springtime event is sure to be one of the larger names in Texas’ EDM events. Here’s what anyone attending needs to know about Ubbi Dubbi, the brand new Texas festival.


All the festivities will be happening on April 27th and 28th. Ubbi Dubbi is starting the party each day at 2:00 p.m. with the opening sets and the party won’t stop until midnight, leaving the nights open to whatever after parties may arise…


The lineup is guaranteed to make Ubbi Dubbi’s first year one to remember. Whether you’re a house head or a dubstep junkie, any attendant will get their fill of whatever EDM genre they prefer! We have been blessed with set times already, which means we have roughly a month to come to terms with set conflicts. 


Ubbi Dubbi is going to take place at the Panther Island Pavilion in Fort Worth, Texas. Panther Island Pavilion is an extremely scenic venue! It’s located right on the Trinity River with the Fort Worth skyline in the distance. Panther Island Pavilion has a handful of stages and contains the only waterfront stage in the state of Texas. There is an indoor stage in the venue but in terms of what Ubbi Dubbi will be utilizing, we can only speculate the Zoom Room is this indoor stage. Either way, Ubbi Dubbi picked a great location for the first run of this festival.

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Ubbi Dubbi seems to be set out to provide only the best experience for all of its first-year attendees. There is only so much information released on the festival’s activities but attendees will have an incredible time inside the Panther Island Pavilion.


Ubbi Dubbi is offering locker rentals! For $40 for the entire weekend, you can run around the festival, hands-free with your precious items locked up safely. I personally always use a locker rental at a festival. It will be so handy to store your newly purchased Ubbi Dubbi merchandise, along with anything else you may need to pick up at their general store.

Last but not least, the four magical words every festival attendee loves to hear. Free water refill stations! We love free pour water at festivals; keeping the squad hydrated is never easier when you have access to free water all day and night.

For any other information you may need to read up on like totem guidelines, housing, and acceptable and prohibited items, you can find it here. Only a handful of tickets are still available, so gather your squad and make the commitment. Ticket purchases can be made here! The first year of a festival is such a magical, bonding experience. Between the memories you will make with yourself, your friends and the strangers you will meet, I can’t imagine Ubbi Dubbi will be less than phenomenal for all of us attending.

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