Blast Off Like… – Wakaan Music Festival Lands at Mulberry Mountain

Cover photo taken by Logan Bykofsky

As many of you have heard, Liquid Stranger had announced a few months ago that he had plans of starting a music festival for Wakaan. After the suspense had us all hanging on the edge of our seats, Wakaan made an announcement with the dates for the inaugural Wakaan Music Festival taking place from October 3rd-6th with a location that was still waiting to be announced. Everyone interested started formulating ideas where they thought the festival would be held. While some of their guesses were interesting, the official venue for Wakaan Music Festival was announced it would be held at Mulberry Mountain in Ozark, Arkansas.

With all the excitement building for this inaugural festival, we still have to be patient for the lineup to be released. While I think it is safe to say that a big portion of the lineup will feature artists that are associated with Wakaan, there is some speculation that we could potentially have some artists that have have ties to Liquid Stranger. While we are waiting for the official lineup to be released, here is a few artists that I believe will be on this year’s lineup!


I had the pleasure of seeing Lucii perform on the Infinity Tour in Denver on Valentine’s Day. I started doing some research on who she was and started looking up her music on SoundCloud and instantly got excited to see her open for Liquid Stranger. Coming from Orlando, Florida and the only female artist currently on Wakaan, Lucii sure has grabbed my attention and has definitely gained some more fans on tour! She is an artist that I am hoping will be at Wakaan Music Festival this October!


Another artist that has been growing in popularity among myself and the crowd is Shlump. While he wasn’t on tour with Liquid Stranger for his Infinity Tour, he has been on tour with 12th Planet this winter. I first discovered Shlump at the end of 2016 and caught a few of his sets in 2017 and 2018. He is showing no signs of slowing down in 2019 after recently performing at Bassnectar’s Deja Voom and embarking on the Swamplex Tour.

Freddy Todd

Freddy Todd has been one of my favorites since I first saw him perform at GRiZmas in 2016. Since then, he has gone to release another album, Southfield, and performed at a handful of festivals. The best show I saw him perform was his album release party along with his keytar at the Black Box in 2017 in Denver. If we are lucky to have Freddy Todd on the lineup, some can only hope that Space Jesus will be there as well for a potential Guccimen set?

Liquid Stranger

Yes, we all know that Liquid Stranger will be performing, but the real question is how many sets? With a huge discography, we can only hope that we can get a mix of throwbacks, downtempo, and uptempo sets. His downtempo sets are the ones that I (personally) think are his best to see. Who knows, maybe we will get some surprise back to back sets with some artists!

We are still awaiting official word on when tickets will go on sale. This will be a festival that you will not want to miss! See you in Ozark, Arkansas October 3rd-6th!

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