A Festival in Zero Gravity? This Isn’t a Sci-Fi Movie, It’s World Club Dome Zero Gravity

Photos from World Club Dome

World Club Dome is known for its extravagant festivals throughout the world – including the original World Club Dome in Germany, and now World Club Dome Korea and World Club Dome Cruise out of Spain. Besides their three full weekend festivals, World Club Dome has also announced a one day “debut” event on March 25th in Frankfurt, Germany.

This special event will be debuting the artists who will be performing at the World Club Dome festival in Frankfurt on June 7th-9th, and the festival itself. However, the event is limited to only 50 attendees. Yes, you heard that right. Only a select 50 people will be allowed into the event – all of which have already been selected by World Club Dome. These VIP’s include mostly DJs, celebrities and social media influencers that in total, will be representing 50 different countries from around the world. 

Not only will it be a select list of some of the world’s famous celebrities, athletes, businessmen/women and DJs who will be attending – but the event will also take place in zero gravity inside the Air ZeroG aircraft. The flight will take off from Frankfurt, Germany and will give passengers six full minutes of true zero gravity. During the flight DJs Timmy Trumpet from Australia and Le Shuuk from Germany will be mixing live.

World Club Dome Zero Gravity will be a truly international and revolutionary event. The event will be covered by over 200 TV stations worldwide and will also be live-streamed on Facebook and YouTube.

And to top it all off, this event is actually encouraging scientific research and is attempting to be sustainable by compensating for the carbon dioxide emissions created from the flight. As the World Club Dome website states, “More than one third of the turnover generated by the private flights are transferred to ESA and the French space agency CNES, so that they can offer more flight opportunities and provide new scientific equipment to European scientific research teams.” and “Air Zero G voluntarily compensate for every ton of CO2 emitted by the Airbus A310 Zero G during both scientific and private flights, sponsoring GERES, a non-governmental association for sustainable and economic development.”

2018 WCD Zero Gravity Headliners

World Club Dome brings hundreds of the biggest names in EDM to it’s festival in Frankfurt in June. However, with the edition of WCD’s smaller and more ridiculous events, they have only selected a few artists for each event. Last year marked the first ever club in space, World Club Dome Zero Gravity 1.0 and featured live sets from none other than Steve Aoki and W&W. Both were able to perform during the 6 minutes of true weightlessness and also on the flight up and back. This year’s World Club Dome Zero Gravity 2.0 will be graced with hardstyle sensation Timmy Trumpet and DJ Le Shuuk, who will be performing during the Air ZeroG flight.

For more information on WORLD CLUB DOME Zero Gravity go to www.worldclubdome.com or www.wcdzerogravity.com

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