Big Wild Releases Debut Album Superdream

Jackson, better known by his stage name- Big Wild, has been constantly innovating and cultivating his sound throughout his career. Jackson aims to write music that is the best reflection of himself at the time. After releasing his Invincible EP, and his heavy-hitting track, “Ascension”, the anticipation for more music was at a boiling point.

Before the release of the album, fans were treated with four singles. He took an approach that was reminiscent of his previous works but more in tune with himself in the present, with tracks in the likes of “Maker“, “Joypunks”, Heaven”, and ‘“City of Sound”.

After much anticipation, Big Wild finally released his debut album Superdream. The album focuses heavily on cultivating his singing into his music, with lyricism playing a huge role in the collection unlike some of his previous works.

The artist described in an interview,

“I was consistently hitting a creative block by making strictly instrumental music. I was consistently getting this feeling of needing to express myself in a different way. Singing seemed to be the best way for me to move forward and once I dove into it, the more I got into singing, the more focus and direction I felt my music gaining. My music was becoming more “me”.

Even though he struggled creatively with instrumental music, some of the most notable tracks on the album have no words. “Pale Blue Dot” conveys an emotional sentiment that few tracks I have heard rarely are able to convey without words.

Superdream also takes a more disco-funk approach with songs like “City of Sound” and “Alley-Oop (ft. iDA HAWK)” but does not limit himself to any one genre. Jackson spans the spectrum across the list of 12 tracks.

Listen to the Album Below

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