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Jackson, better known by his stage name Big Wild, has been dominating the electronic scene with his innovative approach to music. The Oregon based producer has shown his musical prowess through his versatile yet grounded compositions. In 2017 Big Wild released his EP, Invincible, through ODESZA’s label Foreign Family Collective. Invincible captures the essence of coastal landscapes through inventive vocal progressions and a medley of instruments and synths. Following the EP, Jackson released his single, Ascension. Ascension has been Big Wild’s biggest deviation away from his generally lighthearted tracks. The track fused Big Wild’s masterful chopped vocals with intense horns and rhythmic beats to create a brand new sound. Overall, his inventiveness has led to many tracks with lots of genre fluidity, but Jackson’s tracks all have one thing in common, they all have an infectious rhythm that would make anyone want to dance.

Big Wild’s two latest tracks are no exception. Joypunks and Maker are the first singles off of Big Wild’s upcoming album Superdream, set to release February 1, 2019.


Joypunks, the first single off of Big Wild’s album is certainly a call to his roots. The track has an immediate familiarity even on its first listen. Jackson uses a synth similar to an electric organ, along with a rhythmic percussive beat to fill the track as the vocal chops bring the song to life. As the track slows, a guitar helps give a call and response to the chopped vocals. Interestingly enough, the track teases a rise that seems to be leading into a shift in the song, only to go back to the same melody, similar to When I Get There, on his EP Invincible


Maker, the second single off of Big Wild’s album has a more ethereal sound with vocals rather than vocal chops accompanying the track. The vocals are reminiscent of Tame Impala while still carrying their own unique sound. Maker uses guitar to carry the melody as the vocals fill the track, giving it an airy coastal vibe.

In late September of 2013, Jackson was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Thankfully the cancer was in its earliest stage and found that the specific type of cancer he had was 100% curable. Although he was able to combat it, negative emotions clouded his mindset, especially the idea of death. “This could be it.” was a constant thought running through his head.

However, since he is now healthy and cured, the mantra has taken on a different meaning to him. According to Jackson, Maker’s lyrics deal with facing death, the prospect of dying, and the value of cherishing life every day. The ultimate message of Maker is a celebration of life, and being able to appreciate every moment of time we have while alive. Maker is the culmination of positive outlooks developed through difficult periods. His battle with cancer has given him the inspiration behind the track, and the album as a whole.

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