Big Dub’s Big 10

Big Dub will be doing it big for its 10th annual festival in Artemas, PA. Like previous years, Big Dub is held at the end of July (24th-28th) at Four Quarters Farm – the perfect location for this intimate festival. Although the 2019 lineup has not been released, we can assume it will be filled with several talented artists. Last year’s lineup included wub wizards Caspa and Modstep as the headliners, supported by ClozeeDirt MonkeySubtronicsIvylabDownlinkUm…CharlesTheFirstDigital Ethos, and Jansten: bass geniuses that all know how to get a crowd moving and grooving. There are several other artists, both well-known and low-key, that all equally bring next level production and talent.

Attendees returning from last year were able to purchase tickets on the Loyalty Sale date on December 6th, while newbies can purchase tickets for the General Sale on February 6th. Be sure to get you and your squad ready because this festival, on average, expects about 5,000 attendees based on previous years. Fewer attendees may mean that limited tickets are available, but it also hints at a more intimate experience to truly become immersed in the festival. If you like to get the party started early, early arrival passes are available at ticket purchase. When everyone arrives on Wednesday July 24th, the two secondary stages will be open to set the tempo for the rest of the weekend. Come Thursday, everything will be up and running as Big Dub’s decennial celebration commences.

Camping Options

To get the full experience, camping is the way to go at Big Dub. There are several options for you and your squad to plan out camping. The main camp option is right within the festival, making it easy to go to and from your campsite and getting right into the excitement and music. More interested in getting a good night’s sleep? New Camp and Hilltop Camp are nice alternatives. New Camp is about 3 minutes from Main Camp and 7 minutes from the main stages. Hilltop camp is farther from both New and Main camps, but features, as described on Big Dub’s website, include “A 31ft long slip & slide, Misting Lounge, and labyrinth.” Hilltop camp is the most cost-effective, close to vehicle parking, and offers shuttle services to get you to and from Main Camp. No matter where you choose to lay your head at night, there are plenty of options for you to camp comfortably at Big Dub!

If you’re interested in being more involved with Big Dub, it is highly encouraged to participate in the Interactive Theme Camps! These camps are larger because of their spacious designated areas, where attendees have committed time and effort to create an immersive experience for their squad and yours! The best theme camps have the most visually appealing displays and well-thought-out, fun & interactive activities. Previous theme camps included Wubba Lubba Big Dub, a theme camp offering Rick & Morty trivia, and Candy land: play the actual Candyland game in real life! There’s also Love & Psychedelia: a crystal workshop discussion for holistic healing, and even Little Philly: a Philadelphia craft beer social. The limit does not exist when it comes to creating a theme camp – Big Dub thrives on the participation and creativity of its attendees. To find out more information on theme camps click HERE!

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Keep an eye out for the lineup — it’s sure to be another unforgettable weekend at Big Dub. For hacks on how to prepare for the 10 year anniversary, click HERE! Need an idea on what to expect? 

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