Relocating Resonance: New Year, New Venue

Every new year brings huge changes to the music festival community including cancellations of favorite fests, additions of brand new ones, and even relocating a fest to a new venue. Resonance Music & Arts Festival is just the latest to undergo some big changes and will be relocated for the 2019 music festival season! Coopers Lake in Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania will now be home to this rising festival! Conflict with scheduling forced Resonance to make the decision to relocate…

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“We were told we couldn’t have our weekend. Told we’d have to move to Labor Day which would be competing with SummerDance and Phish Dick’s. Just wasn’t possible. We were basically forced to move dates or move venues if we wanted to keep our dates” – Resonance Music & Arts Festival

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Legend Valley will most definitely be missed, however, there are a lot of reasons to get very excited for Resonance’s new home! Coopers Lake Event Venue has over forty years of experience hosting various events including larping, medieval war, canoe, jeep, beer tasting, and camping events. There’s even a zombie apocalypse taking place the week before the festival! This kind of experience shows that the people at Coopers Lake know what they’re doing and that we can expect a smooth transition into this new home!

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The new venue itself is absolutely beautiful! There are a ton of tree lines for people to hang up their hammocks and plenty of room in the fields for everyone to set up camp. No one will feel like they’re camping on top of someone here. The lake is also one of my favorite things about this venue. Swimming isn’t recommended because of the risk of snapping turtles and random fishing hooks, but it is the perfect place to sit down by and dip your feet in while you take everything in. The sunset reflected off this lake is about to be breathtaking. Did I mention that there’s a giant wooden castle here?! Whatever they have planned for this castle is about to be epic. Who knows if it’s going to become a big interactive art installation, one of the stages, or something else! Coopers Lake also has a huge campground store that is fully stocked with anything you might have forgot to pack! Showers and ATMs are also available for use!

Photo By Alex Rowland

As the sun sets on one chapter of Resonance, a new and promising one begins! The location might be new, but the vibes and Resonance family will remain the same. Stay tuned for more exciting news about the changes with Resonance Music & Arts Festival and the eventual 2019 lineup reveal! GET YOUR 2019 BLING FAITH TICKETS HERE!!!

Morning Fog Photo From Cooper’s Lake Website


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