South by Southwest is not just an ordinary gathering. The event brings together artists of all kinds for ten whole days. SXSW focuses on music, film, and technology while allowing attendees to dive into the immersive and business side of things together. Austin, Texas gathers people from all over the world to network, perform, and learn from a diverse amount of entrepreneurs.

Here is what South By Southwest is all about:


Although SXSW is all about performances, it is also a very big attraction for conferences within the industry. Panels are held from leaders of film, blockchain, music management, cannabusiness, sports, media, and much more to help educate and help others learn. Take a step into the discussion boards to learn how companies and entrepreneurs have become successful in their field of work. Leaders from companies such as Pixar, Pandora, Riot Games, CNN and many more will be taking the stage. 


With over 2,000 plus performers, SXSW brings in a wide variety of artists to perform throughout the ten day event. Stages of all types will be bring in performances of film makers, comedians, and even gamers. Watch gamers compete in Fortnite, Halo, Pokemon Trading, Rocket League and several other world leading esport video games.  Musicians of all genres including R&B, Pop, Latin Urban, Hip-Hop to World African will perform. Interactive performances will allow attendees to escape into immersive and stimulations of virtual reality and masterminds of creatives.


Combing all of the above, exhibitions surround the grounds of SXSW. A Gaming Expo will be held with top gamers of the world as they compete against one another. The Virtual Cinema will show the latest technology tactics of virtual reality while other exhibitions include the SXSW trade show, the Art Program, and more. 


If you’re looking for new connections, a new friend, or just an educated conversation, you’ll find it at SXSW. Lounges and party gatherings will take place throughout the ten days allowing attendees to network and connect with one another. Online networking will allow you to connect with others on a virtual level. Be sure to grab a drink and meet people through the Mix at Six, Film Opening, Music Opening, Interactive and more.


Ten days of performances, networking, and discussions lead up to the ultimate award shows. Stay put for the awards show where people in film, design, gaming, music and much more will be awarded for their extraordinary work.

South by Southwest is a gathering for you to learn, network, and explore the newest and latest trends in music, film, and technology. This is a ten-day event that is just waiting for the opportunity to change your life!

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