We Definitely Got Freaky!

Photos by: Chatterz Photography
Written by: Mary Agan

Can we get a repeat of Get Freaky; this year’s fantastic ending to the spooky season? We were some lucky ghouls to be able to experience two full days of the heaviest dubstep pounding in your chest, the Nightbass label takeover Friday night and the unforgettable sounds of house and techno that vibrated throughout the Great Saltair at Get Freaky this year.

V2 Presents once again lived up to their reputation of mastering well-organized events and festivals. Although the setup for Get Freaky was a bit more condensed than the summer festivals at the Great Saltair, it was the perfect size for a Halloween pregame. Attendees didn’t have to wait to get into the grounds, and the crowd size the whole weekend was perfect.

Night 1

The first night of a festival usually sets the tone for the rest of the weekend. With that being said, Night 1 of Get Freaky truly blew expectations out of the water. Whether an attendee wanted to get their face melted by dubstep or have an intimate evening with the Nightbass label, it was a night to write home about for everyone.

An Unforgettable Set by Wooli

Wooli, who was my first ‘artist to watch’, did exactly that. I enjoy being right about things and I was DEFINITELY right about Wooli being an unforgettable set. Despite the time, he had the entire main stage on fire, packed with attendees by the time he finished. With a set full of teasers of unreleased tracks, a Seven Lions remix and his hit remix of ‘Her’ by Excision, starting the night with Wooli was the best schedule decision of the night.

Connections Made at Nightbass Label Takeover

The Nightbass Label takeover was definitely another major highlight of the first night. With such intimate vibes from the first set to AC Slater’s closing set, it was special to experience the connection between the crowd and the artists. The Nightbass artists clearly brought their A game, such as the memorable sets of Wax Motif, Jack Beats, Taiki Nulight, Volac and Jay Robinson. Honestly, the artists were having just as much fun as the crowd was. That’s when you know the good energy vibes were felt from the front to the back back of the Tent of Terror.

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Night 2

In addition, the second night of Get Freaky was another smooth-ran and memorable evening by V2 Presents. It was another night of no lines and claustrophobia-free crowd sizes; the Saltair was on fire with high energy from the doors opening to the last set.

Whipped Cream Represented & Did Not Disappoint

Whipped Cream was another notable artist I couldn’t miss, who played on the mainstage. She was the only female on the lineup and she easily played the most memorable set on Day 2. It’s hard to classify her style and sound into one genre. So if I had to describe it would be hard electro, dubstep, trap and melodic sounds whipped up into her unique artist identity.

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Honorable Mentions of the Weekend

In addition, other honorable set mentions were Habstrakt, Black Gummy, Walker & Royce as well as Ganja White Knight. Habstrakt took the stage in his typical lively French fashion, dropping that heavy bass house or what he likes to call his “habby sound”. Black Gummy turned the Tent of Terror into what felt like a 4AM deep house and techno warehouse party, sending the rest of the evening into a real horror fun house. The tech-house hour from Walker & Royce was made for house music fans as we shuffled like there was no tomorrow. Of course, we also got down with all the wobbles at Ganja White Knight. Their live instruments make the flow of their dubstep wobbles an unforgettable experience. This French duo are always on the top of my must-see list on any festival lineup.

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Get Freaky is the perfect size for a small Halloween festival. After a wild and jam-packed summer of festing, Get Freaky provides its attendees the perfect festival experience without the financial or schedule commitment of a three-day festival. Be sure to watch the recap video below and I will see y’all there next year!

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