Happy EDC, Orlando!

It is officially the first day of EDC, and we are pretty excited about it. A lot of that excitement is due to the amazing lineup of artists performing this weekend. As hard as it was to narrow down to just five…

Here are the top five acts you definitely won’t want to miss at EDC Orlando this year.

Alison Wonderland (kineticFIELD Sat 8:15-9:28)

We always love to see a female headliner, especially at these EDM festivals. Alison Wonderland is an absolute favorite here at Festival Squad, and I think she just somehow made us all love her more. A lot of people have been frustrated with the set time conflict between AW and Illenium. Wonderland took to Instagram to share the following statement: 

“Hey guys. A lot of people have voiced their concerns about the clash between myself & Illenium at EDC Orlando. 

I have heard you & have worked hard with the promoters to change my set time so that you can see BOTH of us. 

As a music lover myself, I realize how shit set clashes can be. The time I play doesn’t matter to me. It’s more important that my fans are happy & have the best experience they possibly can at a festival. I will now be playing main stage at 8:15. I love you.”

…an angel. 

Bassnectar (circuitGROUNDS Fri 11:00pm-12:00am)

Lorin always puts on an incredible show. Admit it. One of my personal favorite Nectar sets was at Okeechobee 2018 when he opened up with this Eminem mashup:

Dillion Francis & Friends (kineticFIELD Fri 8:14-9:28)

Now don’t get me wrong, I love me some Dillion Francis, but I wouldn’t normally put him in a Top Five Must See. I just assume people already know to go. The “& Friends” is what has me so curious and wanting to make sure nobody misses this one. 

Tiësto Sunset Set (kineticFIELD Sat 5:25-6:53)

Tiësto…at sunset…just go.

Illenium (circuitGROUNDS Sat 9:30-10:30)

Alison Wonderland did this for you. She made it all possible. You have to go. 

And if you ever happen to need a break from the music, we’ve got you covered there too. 

Take a Break by the Lake

The lake in Tinker Field is beautiful alone, but add in all of the EDC magic, and it’s stunning. Take a minute to pause and appreciate the beauty. 

Enjoy the Rides 

The rides are an absolute blast. Worth every second of the wait in line. 

photo from Insomniac

Hop on the Zip Line

This is something I have never done in my three years at EDC. I am determined to do it this time. 

Befriend a Local Headliner

Be social! Make a new friend.

Grab Your Merch

Whether you want a tee for the memory or for the street cred, don’t forget to go buy it!

Ok that’s it! That’s all we got for you. Now go out there and have the best EDC yet! If you haven’t yet, give our official EDC Orlando playlist a listen while you’re getting ready. 

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