Wrap up that last minute Halloween Mart run and stuff those devil horns into your bag – it’s almost time for Escape Psycho Circus. This weekend brings some of the best talent in electronic music to Southern California and we have some tips to help make your weekend thrilling, not chilling.

Be comfortable!

Sure it’ll suck if half of your mermaid scales fall off by the time you find your spot for Andy C but let’s face it – no costume should be getting in the way of you having the best time ever. Don’t get too caught up in keeping up appearances, you’ve got dancing to do. Do some test headbanging and shuffling in the hotel room beforehand to make sure nothing is going to fly out of place or stab you all night.


It’s no EDC weather but any festival is still a marathon. The temperature in San Bernardino when the gates open will be in the 80s and if you’re rockin’ a onesie you’re going to do your share of sweating before you even hit the dance floor. Swing by a free water station and fill up before the mayhem begins.

Compliment someone’s costume!

Halloween is the holiday  some ravers live for – it puts a spotlight on what we basically do all year so you know costumes will be at an all time most insane. People spend a lot of time making or assembling the most witty, sexy, terrifying outfits for Escape year in year out. Don’t be shy and tell at least one person their ensemble rocks, you never know who’s might be the newest member of your squad.

Check out the whole festival!

The NOS Center is a decently large place but don’t let that stop you from seeing every corner of it – Insomniac spares no expense to make sure you’re teleported to the spookiest of environments, from the terrors of the Asylum to the mind-blowing production of Slaughterhouse. There will be creatures and characters of all types roaming the grounds and, if you can bear to face them, they’d be happy to pose for a pic. What Halloween festival is complete without a nice severed head boomerang for the ‘Gram.

Escape Psycho Circus is so close we can feel it in our bones and the very few tickets that are left can be found here. See you ghouls and goblins on the dance floor!

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