Mallrat and Maggie Rogers’ Effortless Phoenix Performance

Australian-born Grace Shaw, who goes by the stage name Mallrat, stunned with an effortless yet spunky performance at The Van Buren on a beautiful Sunday night in Downtown Phoenix, Arizona. Joined by her counterpart DJ on stage, she performed powerful hits like “UFO” and “Uninvited”. The joy beaming from her face was apparent as she pranced across the stage, showing appreciation for the crowd and opportunity to support headlining act, Maggie Rogers.

Mallrat got her start writing music in high school and became an official artist in 2014 when she dropped her first single “Suicide Blond”. Her EP “In The Sky” is surprisingly diverse for an artist her age. 

Singer-songwriter Maggie Rogers took the stage shortly after with a jaw-dropping set. Talent exudes from her pores. She flawlessly played to a crowd of eager fans by weaving in favorites “Dog Years” and closing out the show with “Alaska”.

Maggie Rogers had an unconventional introduction to music, getting her start by playing the harp at the ripe age of seven. In high school, she added the banjo to her repertoire. She talks of her time studying abroad where she gained an appreciation for dance music, though her background leading up to that point was mainly in folk music. Maggie’s genre can’t be explicitly labeled because she IS her music. She rose to fame after a YouTube video surfaced of her debuting her popular single, “Alaska”, in a masterclass session with none other than Pharrell Williams. 

Mallrat will be supporting Maggie Rogers in the states until mid November, ending with a stop in her homeland. Check out her tour dates here! 

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